Hero Bartender Goes Viral For Giving A Fake Receipt With A Note To Two Girls Being Harassed By A Creepo


If you’re a girl and have ever spent an evening hanging out at the bar, chances are that you have been approached by some random guy. Great, if it’s someone polite and that you actually are interested in, but what if it’s the kind of the species that don’t take no for an answer, think that they are above everyone else, and successfully carry on radiating ‘creep vibes’?

Sometimes it’s pretty complicated to elude the irritating creeps and a similar thing happened to a Twitter user in Florida. Just this time, the girls were saved by a clever bartender who wrote a ‘receipt’ with a note asking if he could help them ditch the annoying dude.

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As a man was harassing two girls, this quick-thinking bartender came up with a solution to discreetly help them

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Over a week ago, Trinity, who goes by @trinityallie on Twitter, shared a picture of a man in a Hawaiian shirt handing over a clipboard with a message on it that reads ‘If this guy is bothering you, put your pony tail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He’s giving me the creeps.’ In the post, Trinity explained that this other patron was harassing her and her friend. The bartender, Max Guttierez, came up with a perfect solution to make sure the girls were comfortable by smoothly handing over what looked like a receipt, but actually it was a discreet way to ask if they needed help handling the situation.

Turns out the other patron was bothering two girls and bartender Max had to kick out the nuisance

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Max, who works at No Vacancy in St. Petersburg, Florida, noticed that another customer at the bar was repeatedly hitting on girls who weren’t interested at all and seemed to be quite uncomfortable with it, if anything. After Trinity gave him the sign that the guy was actually bothering them by putting her ponytail on her other shoulder, Max had to even yell at the bothersome guy. ‘You need to get the f**k away from these girls who clearly are not interested,’ shared Trinity in her followup post.

Trinity explained that she made the bartender pose with the ‘receipt’ he wrote

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Four days after Trinity’s viral post, Max tweeted that the creepy guy showed up at the same bar again hoping to catch a drink, but was refused service. The barman also spoke more about the incident on his Reddit account after being asked by u/battery_cowboy if they ‘get training as bartenders on these types of tricks to silently communicate with patrons or is it passed down via mentoring or similar?’ Max explained that ’it’s something you just pick up from mentor bartenders. Eventually you become pretty good at reading people, body language etc.’

Trinity’s post went viral with over 200k likes and numerous comments praising the bartender

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Max updated everyone that the creep who was bothering the girls at the bar had enough guts to return for a drink

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The bartender also explained that he was getting weird vibes from the guy, who was infringing on girls’ peace, so he decided to keep a close eye on the situation. Unfortunately, as the creep didn’t take ‘no’ from the girls as an answer, Max took action. Max explained that he doesn’t like raising his voice over customers and embarrassing anyone, but in this case of the ‘creep,’ it was necessary.

The bartender has also spoken out on Reddit, explaining that tricks on how to maintain a safe and comfortable environment are passed around the industry

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Trinity clarified that the picture she uploaded on Twitter, which received over 200k likes so far, was taken after Max kicked the annoying guy out. The comments below it were praising the thoughtful barkeeper and one even pointing out that ‘Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Hawaiian shirts.’ And besides that, the majority of users marveled how great Max’s idea was and that there should be more men protecting women like this.

Twitter users were praising the thoughtful and fast-reacting bartender

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