It’s Weirdly Sexy When Men Push Strollers


Asked whether men tend to gravitate towards particular types of strollers, Amy Venzke, founder and chief marketing officer of, said, “Women are typically more concerned about the weight of the stroller and how easy it is to lift into the car. Men sometimes gravitate toward larger, heavier strollers that have taller handlebars and feel more proportionate for them.” This lines up with what I see in the park every day: Despite being heavy, strollers like the UPPAbaby Vista, one of the most popular strollers for 2021, “can be pushed with one hand because it has a great suspension system in both the wheels and inside the frame of the stroller,” as Venzke says. Jogging strollers also tend to be heavier, says Venzke, but are often easier to maneuver.


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