You Can Now Use Peacock on Amazon Fire TV Devices


Peacock’s streaming app is finally available for download on Amazon Fire TV devices, making it easier to watch NBC content.

The Peacock app being used on an Amazon Fire TV device.

Since NBCUniversal’s launch of Peacock, users wanting to watch content on the service using an Amazon Fire TV device had to sideload a workaround. Now, Peacock’s streaming app is finally available for download on Amazon Fire TV devices.

Amazon Fire TV Devices Receive Peacock App

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, is finally available for Amazon Fire TV devices. Users can now download the brand-new Peacock app to their Fire TV devices. From the latest Fire TV Stick 4K to the Fire TV Stick Lite, all Fire TV devices are compatible with the new app.

The news of the Peacock app addition was first teased by the Fire TV Twitter account with a prank meme from The Office. Peacock then confirmed the app launch on its own Twitter page with another meme from The Office.

Peacock’s new Fire TV app isn’t fully integrated with Alexa yet. At the moment, you’ll only be able to launch the app using Alexa, rather than using it to browse or play content. However, Peacock did confirm that full Alexa integration would be coming to the app at a later date.

Alongside Peacock, other NBCUniversal TV channels such as Bravo and NBC Sports are also getting an app launch on Fire TV. This means users will be able to watch all of NBCUniversal’s content from their Fire TV devices.

What Is Peacock?

Peacock is a relatively new streaming service owned by NBCUniversal. The platform launched in 2020, and boasts both original content and next-day offerings of shows on NBC. Peacock has also built up lots of legacy content.

Most notably, Peacock has a long-term deal as the exclusive streaming home of The Office, which is why it left Netflix earlier this year. Peacock viewers also get exclusive sports access as well, with the entirety of the WWE Network, and some exclusive content of this year’s Olympics.

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Peacock offers three subscription tiers: Free, Premium and Premium Plus. All three tiers come with at least 7,500 hours worth of content, but the more expensive tiers provide viewers with access to entire series of the network’s most popular shows, and no-ads in the most expensive tier.

Peacock Is Strutting On to Every Device

With the release of Peacock’s Fire TV app, the streaming service now has an app on every major device from games consoles to smart TVs. With a more accessible app, Peacock will likely find it easier to draw new users to the service despite still being relatively new.

User profiles in Peacock
You Can Now Create User Profiles in Peacock on Your Various Devices

You no longer need to share your watch history with other users.

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