What will Trump’s legacy be?


Tuesday, 14 December 2021

A Fox news reporter sent a message to Donald Trump during the insurrection on January 6th, saying to call off his rioters or he would destroy his legacy.


What legacy? As a tax payer? Judging from his history to prevent discloser of all his tax and financial records, he must have a great deal to hide. That’s a different kind of legacy. A negative legacy is know as an ignominy. It is shameful and dishonorable.

His draft deferment record was a joke. Bone spurs? Nothing positive there.

Misogyny? He made that legendary with his battle cry of, “Just grab them by the pussy…And you can get away with it because you’re famous.”

Trump’s Clorox and Lysol advice as a treatment against the Corona Virus? Also nothing positive there. Ignominy? Yes! He was a denier when the virus broke out in 2019. Trump insisted it was like the flu and would be gone by the summer. He refused to wear a mask, “It’ll make me look weak.”

His followers also refused the vaccine due to his suggestions and they became known as the anti-vaxxers. Is it a coincidence that there is a higher incidence of the virus and virus deaths in red states?

Ripping babies out of their mother’s arms at the Mexican border is part of Trump’s ignominy. Sending his wife to the border to inspect the scene while wearing a jacket with, I really don’t care. Do you? written on the back, is also part of Trump’s ignominy.

Trump’s ignominy continues today with his insistence that the election was stolen, holdings rallies to promote that message, and making himself known as the sore loser of all time.

So far.

Maybe forever.

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