Bob Baffert’s “Climate Change” wins The Derby


POUGHKEEPSIE, New York – (Sports Satire) – The most famous horse trainer in the world just keeps on winning, as evidenced by his newest thoroughbred race horse named “Climate Change.”

“CC” is a two-year-old gelding, which means that he has been ‘deballed’ in order to weigh less and thus be able to run faster, not happier, but a whole damn lot faster!

Baffert told Hercules Confetti with Sporting Chance Magazine that this could very well be his best thoroughbred race horse ever.

He noted that “Climate Change” will only eat hay grown in Texas, so four times a week, a FedEx truck pulls up to the horse ranch in Kentucky with six huge bales of Third Coast Ranch Hay.

“CC” easily won his latest entry the 24th Poughkeepsie Invitational Derby by 13 lengths.

SIDENOTE: Baffert told Confetti since the rules change, where a trainer can now bet on his own horse, he has won $87,302.95 on good old “CC.”


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