Bezos-Musk inc. gives sex reassignment surgery to 6,000 trans


Tuesday, 28 December 2021

TRINIDAD, Colorado – (Satire News) – In a move to try and bring members of the transgender community together, Bezos-Musk, Inc., has just announced that they will be donating sexual reassignment surgeries to 6,000 individuals.

The Daily Drama News Agency stated that BM, Inc., was originally only going to donate 800, but they decided to make 6,000 trannies happy instead of only 800.

The surgeries will be performed at The Rocky Mountain High Clinic, located in the Transgender Capital of The World, Trinidad.

Several doctors, including Chatanooga-native Dr. Claudia P. Pepper, will perform the SRS’s free of charge.

One tranny, who’s present name is George, but who will soon become Georgette, said that ever since he/she was 9 months-old he knew he wanted to become a female, so that he could sew, cook souffles, have his period, wear sexy panties, and drink papaya margaritas.

In a Related Story. Sen. Lindsay has made it clear that he will not be receiving one of the 6,000 Male-To-Female surgeries.


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