Coronavirus causes sales of convertibles to plummet by 83%


Saturday, 25 December 2021

DETROIT – (Satire News) – Boom Boom News has just broken the story that sales of convertibles have plummeted by 83%.

The tremendous fall is being blamed solely on the Coronavirus (aka The Trumpapalooza virus) which was named by China’s leader Xi Jinping.

The Chevrolet Corporation said that they are now selling more of their automobiles in Germany and Portugal than in any state of the nation; including Florida and Caliornia.

Meanwhile, Chevrolet convertible sales have gone up by 515% in Latin America due to the fact that the Tumpapalooza Virus is virtually non-existent in the warm countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, and Lower Uruguay.

SIDENOTE: Reports coming out of Mar-a-Lago state that the Tumptard wants the American people to stop calling Covid-19, the Trumpapalooza Virus.


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