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CHICAGO – (Satire News) – A group calling itself The Windy City Citizens To Make Sure Trump Ends Up In Prison In 2024 (TWCCTMSTEUIPI-2024) has informed the national news media that they plan to raise $75.3 million within three weeks.

A spokesperson for the multi-lettered group, Tammy Tellatino, 32, stated that they will be helping American citizens fill out thousands of petitions in 49 of the 50 states, to make sure that Donald Jonathan Erasmus Trump gets his orange ass tossed in prison sooner before later.

Miss Tellatino, who is married to a Manchester United soccer player, added that her group is in constant contact with Vice-President Harris, who has said that her number one priority; her number one effen goal. is to see that the predatorial pervert (aka The Trumptard) ends up with his gigantic bigoted butt in prison.

[SIDENOTE: The Ominium Gatherum News Agency is reporting that Bezos-Musk, Inc., will be donating $14.7 million to the group].


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