TikTok Smooth Skin Hack Is Even Glow Without Foundation


TikToker and makeup artist Charlotte Hyatt-Willis recently went viral for sharing a hack that makes her skin look “better than it actually is” — and it doesn’t involve expensive facials, treatments, or lots of makeup. “I’ve got pores, texture and blemishes,” Charlotte tells her followers, “and I used to have acne, so I know how it feels.” Before we get into the hack itself, a caveat: Skin texture isn’t a flaw, it’s entirely normal — and beautiful. Pores are important, too, and serve such purposes as moisturizing skin with your natural oils (which feature antioxidants, like vitamin E, which deflects environmental stressors such as pollution), not to mention getting rid of daily gunk. Pores are friends! But that’s not to say everyone is happy with their skin all of the time.


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