Sarah Ferguson sex toy shop


LONDON – (Satire News) – The Duchess of York, has been in the news more in the past two months, than she has in the past four years.

Sarah Ferguson, gained some unwanted fame due to the Infamous Toe Sucking Incident of 1992.

Fergie was the suckee, and Texas millionaire businessman John Bryan was the sucker.

The red-headed duchess was instantly driven out by the royal family on grounds of Big Toe Delictus Suckatosis.

Ferguson did hire one of the United Kingdom’s most prominent attorneys Sir Randall P. Piffy, in an effort to get her title back, but he was no match for Queen Elizabeth’s longtime lawyer Amanda Q. Quillenshire.

Quillenshire had successfully defended Prince Charles in the alleged sexual molestation lawsuit filed by three women from Zimbabwe back in 1991.

Sarah Ferguson has just informed The Ta Ta For Now News Agency that she has just opened up an adult sex toy shoppe located a mere two blocks from Buckingham Palace.

She proudly said that the sex toys in her shoppe are the best, most advanced sex toys anywhere in the world.

Ferguson stated that all of her sexualized merchandise comes with a 100% satisfaction or double your money back guarantee.


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