Joe Biden begins to hammer Donald Trump


Well, it’s about time. Trump has been spewing lies forever. Most recently, on the escalator ride down, followed by his Mexican tirade. Then, no one can forget the bone spur shenanigans. All lies. Too many to list. But the most recent: The 2020 election was stolen! He, Trump, won.

The reality is that Joe Biden kicked Trump’s butt back down to Mar-a-Lago on election day, but Biden was gentlemanly about it. Biden dismissed Trump’s frequent and baseless criticisms, by taking the high ground.

Editor’s note: Huh? The high ground with Trump? That’s suicide!

The reply: Patience, please.

Then, finally, on the anniversary of the January 6th terrorist attack on the nation’s Capitol, President Biden gave a speech. He accused Mar-a-Lago of: “Spreading a web of lies.”

Mr. President, it was more like: Spreading a WALL of lies…

But Biden did eventually get hot. He finished by saying that he would: “…not allow anyone to place a dagger at the throat of democracy.”

During his speech, Biden referred to Trump’s bruised ego, saying that Trump couldn’t accept the truth of his loss, and that the election was rigged. Biden pointed out that the Republicans made numerous gains in both the House and Senate, and the only loser was Trump. If Republicans made gains, how can anyone call the election ridged?

The words llost and loser were repeated throughout Biden’s speech with a River Dance precision. Zing, bang, boom!

Still, Biden remained a gentleman, looked like a gentleman, and was the winner.

Meanwhile, the overstuffed, orange tamale exploded somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle.

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