Kansas law stops lesbians getting to third base


TOPEKA, Kansas – (Satire News) – The Kansas state senate has just enacted a law that prohibits lesbionics (lesbians) from engaging in “Third Base Sex.”

Senator Myrtle Fannadurdle, 73, [R-Wichita], stated that the bill was passed to show the lesbos of the wheat state of Kansas, that Kansas will not totally discriminate against them.

She caught herself and said that she, herself, has nothing against lipstick lesbians or butch dykes, but she just doesn’t want them giving her manicures, pedicures, or vaginal region tattoos.

Meanwhile, Senator Takashaki Knocki, 49 [R-Emporia] stated that his sister is married to a lesbionic.

Senator Knocki, was quick to point out that his sister’s wife is a lesbian, but his sister isn’t.


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