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"Boost your dating profile appeal with high-quality selfies, candid photos, genuine smiles, pet photos, and images showcasing hobbies and adventures."

7 Best Jobs Suitable for Moms With Children in School
May 28, 2024

Many job opportunities are available for mums with children, and they can equally be high-paying. Check them out.

5 clever techniques to detect fake watches without using any equipment
May 22, 2024

Don't get fooled! Use these 5 techniques to check if a luxury watch is fake before you buy. Spot a counterfeit watch like a pro.

5 Tiktok Videos With the Largest Viewership Ever
June 02, 2024

TikTok has revolutionized content consumption, and in this article, we explore the top 5 most viewed videos on the platform.


Human rights advocates in Australia urge boycotting fashion brands like Shein over forced labor concerns in the industry.

Lady Gaga's Recent Fashion Shock is Rocking Car Parts to Premiere
May 30, 2024

Lady Gaga, known for her bold fashion choices, once wore a dress made from car parts to a premiere.

Famous Italian fashion icon that "copied god" dies at 83
April 22, 2024

All to know about the famous Italian fashion icon Roberto Cavalli, known for his iconic leopard prints who passed away at 83.

5 Luxury Fashion Brands You Never Knew Produced in China
March 27, 2024

Unveiling the Secret: Luxury Fashion Brands Made in China. Explore the strategic decisions behind the manufacturing choices of prestigious labels from Prada to Burberry.


Taylor Swift's Eras Tour kicks off in Edinburgh, thrilling fans and boosting the UK economy with her energetic performances.

Remember When Selena Gomez Revealed Her "Standards" for Dating?
May 24, 2024

Selena Gomez sparked discussions about her dating standards, emphasizing kindness and humor over high maintenance demands.

Shakira's Tax Fraud Case Withdrawn for Want of Proof
May 22, 2024

Shakira's tax fraud charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence, marking a significant turn in her ongoing legal battles.

The Battle of Titans: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar
May 15, 2024

The long-standing feud between rap giants Drake and Kendrick Lamar has erupted into a full-scale lyrical war, captivating and polarizing audiences.

Must Watch

Will Smith's "Bad Boys 4" debuts with $56 million US, $104.6 million worldwide, revitalizing his career.

Caught on Camera: Bear Stealing Oreos in California
June 03, 2024

Bear "Oreo" steals cookies, alarming Monrovia residents; affection and concern grow over its bold behavior.

Sony's Plan to Take Anime Seriously Has a Terrible Drawback
May 31, 2024

Sony anime movies: Sony's bold step into anime movies comes with a twist!

"I'm in Fantastic Four" Paul Walter Hauser Hints His New Movie
May 23, 2024

Paul Walter Hauser teases his undisclosed role in the upcoming Fantastic Four film, sparking fan anticipation.

Tik Tok

A viral TikTok debate sees women preferring a bear's company over a man's, highlighting societal fears and perceptions of danger.

Gen Zs on Tiktok Gets Vibing to Viral North Korea Propaganda
May 07, 2024

Kim Jong Un recently released a new viral propaganda bop song that Tiktokers don't seem to get enough of.

More Cars Reported Stolen Fueled By Tiktok Trend
April 26, 2024

More cars are being stolen due to a TikTok trend, with videos demonstrating easy methods for theft.

TikTok hack from dental student reveals the perfect all-night studying secrets
April 09, 2024

Viral TikTok hack reveals how to memorize anything overnight, as a dental student shares her all-night study routine.


First human trial of a tooth-regrowing drug begins, aiming for market release by 2030.

Teens Searching for Exam Questions Online Risk Getting Disqualified
May 17, 2024

Teens, beware! Read this guide before you consider searching for exam questions online or using your phone during the exam.

New York Millionaires Are More Common Than You Probably Thought
May 14, 2024

New York City is home to a staggering 350,000 millionaires, with one millionaire for every 24 residents.

Royal Rule Makes the Royal Family Ignore Prince Archie's 5th Birthday
May 09, 2024

Prince Archie of Sussex celebrated his 5th birthday with a garden party, but the royal family didn't send public wishes due to a rule.