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"Queen of Coachella" Vanessa Hudgens Missing from the Big Event, She Just Told Us Why

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Venessa Hudgens wearing a wool jacket
Venessa Hudgens (Shutterstock)

Vanessa Hudgens's absence at Coachella Festival 2023 has caused a lot of stir among fans and the college as she recently posted a portrait of herself missing out on the fun at this year's festival again.

The Coachella is a  Music and Arts Festival also called the Coachella Festival or just Coachella; it is a yearly music and arts festival always held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. Founded in 1999, the festival showcases various musical artists from many genres of music, such as rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, and electronic dance music, as well as sculptures and art installations, with several stages continuously hosting live music.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an American actress and singer. She rose to stardom after her iconic role as Gabriella Montez in the "High School Musical" from 2016 to 2018 with her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron. 

The Queen Of Coachella

Festival-goers have always expected to see Vanessa Hudgens each time Coachella takes place at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California; according to fN, she has been crowned as the "Queen of Coachella '' as a result of how instrumental she was in publicizing the Coachella festival years ago, she has often visited the annual music festival in Indio throughout the years, she is also famously known for showing off her bohemian sense of style in the desert. However, as the Coachella Festival 2023 draws near the end of its first weekend, the Queen is said to be missing in action, and fans have been asking about her whereabouts.

Vanessa Hudgens having fun with a friend at Coachella 2022
Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella 2022 (Instagram)

Queen Coachella In the Philippines 

According to Music Times, Vanessa Hudgens, the Queen of Coachella, did not attend the 2023 Festival because she was in the Philippines. Vanessa is a Filipino-American native currently exploring Filipino origin and shooting a travel documentary in the tropical country.

Vanessa took her Instagram story on Saturday 15th of April, to share a selfie after the first night of the festival when Bad Bunny had delivered the hit-filled and groundbreaking headlining performance. She let fans know that "The Coachella FOMO is real." 

The celebrity was present for the 2022 festival. But It's unclear if she can attend on the second weekend this year. When the show was canceled in 2020 due to the incident of the pandemic, the star lashed out on the Internet; I'm sorry, but it's a virus, and I get it; I mean, I respect it, but at the same time, even if everybody gets it, people are going to die which is terrible but inevitable? Fans believed that the reason for her outburst and "insensitive" comment about COVID-19 was the festival cancellation. She also looked back on some of the past year's festivals that she had attended