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10 Pets With the Craziest Following on Instagram

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
A happy famous cat gives an interview to the press
Cat's got fame | Iryna Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

The world of social media is as vast as the universe, and within it, Instagram stands as the ultimate sanctuary for pet lovers.

Whether it's A-list celebrities showing off their beloved canines or TikTok-famous felines charming audiences with their antics, the platform is a treasure trove of heartwarming and hilarious pet accounts.

Among this vast landscape, some pets have risen to stardom, captivating millions with their irresistible charm, captivating personas, and endearing escapades.

Here are ten of the most captivating and crazily popular pets on Instagram.


1. Jiffpom the Pomeranian

With an awe-inspiring following of nearly 10 million Instagram devotees, Jiffpom reigns as the undisputed king of social media's animal kingdom. This adorable Pomeranian's account is a delightful fusion of playful antics, heart-melting poses, and fashionable flair, earning him legions of devoted fans globally. Whether sporting elaborate costumes or showcasing jaw-dropping tricks, Jiffpom's irresistible charm knows no bounds.

2. Xena and Finn the Golden Retrievers

For lovers of the beloved Golden Retriever breed, Xena and Finn's Instagram chronicles serve as a delightful escape into the world of canine camaraderie. Capturing the everyday adventures of these two lovable siblings, their account brims with picnics, playdates, and heartwarming moments that are guaranteed to brighten even the gloomiest of days. From having fun in sun-kissed meadows to cuddling up during movie nights, Xena and Finn display the epitome of unconditional love and companionship.

3. Squirrel the Siberian Cat

With mesmerizing blue eyes and a majestic mane, Squirrel the Siberian Cat exudes an aura of regal elegance and captivating charisma. Beyond his stunning appearance, Squirrel's budding acting career adds an extra layer of intrigue to his Instagram feed, as he showcases his talents on set with poise and grace. Whether striking a pose or engaging in playful antics, Squirrel's charm knows no bounds, captivating feline enthusiasts worldwide.

4. Arlo the Pacific Parrotlet

Despite his diminutive stature, Arlo the Pacific Parrotlet boasts a larger-than-life personality that shines through in every Instagram post. From his signature neck wiggle to his insatiable appetite for snacks, Arlo's account is a delightful fusion of comedic charm and endearing goofiness. Whether munching on his favorite treats or engaging in playful banter, Arlo never fails to bring joy and laughter to his devoted followers.

5. Mostly the Doodle

With his nice coat and irresistible charm, Mostly the English Cream Goldendoodle has captivated hearts around the world with his heartwarming Instagram chronicles. Documenting the special bond between Mostly and his doting human companion, their account offers a glimpse into the joys of pet parenthood and the unconditional love shared between a dog and his owner. Whether embarking on outdoor adventures or cozying up for cuddle sessions, Mostly infectious enthusiasm and playful spirit never fail to inspire.

6. Seamus the Scottish Fold

With his wide eyes and wacky personality, Seamus the Scottish Fold exudes an irresistible charm that has endeared him to legions of fans worldwide. From his love for cardboard boxes to his penchant for mischief, Seamus's Instagram feed is a delightful blend of comedic charm and heartwarming moments. Rescued from a breeder in Kuwait, Seamus now enjoys the good life in Florida, where he continues to spread joy and laughter with his quirky antics.

7. Boomer the Landcloud

Boomer, the lovable Samoyed affectionately dubbed the "landcloud," enchants followers with his fluffy demeanor and adventurous spirit. Whether being carried in a backpack or fun in the great outdoors, Boomer's Instagram feed is a source of pure joy and inspiration. With his infectious smile and boundless energy, Boomer reminds us all to embrace the simple pleasures of life and find joy in the beauty of nature.

8. Ringo the Cat

As a Munchkin cat with a feisty spirit and a love for dress-up, Ringo captivates followers with his playful antics and adorable videos. Whether running around the house or striking a pose in his latest costume, Ringo's Instagram account is a testament to the irresistible charm of feline companionship. With his expressive eyes and mischievous grin, Ringo proves that big personalities come in small packages.

9. Jackson the Husky

With boundless energy and a knack for mischief, Jackson the Husky embodies the spirited nature of his breed with his meme-worthy antics and stubborn behavior. From attempting to break out of his crate to locking his humans out of the house, Jackson's Instagram feed offers a hilarious glimpse into the daily adventures of life with a husky. With his expressive howls and playful demeanor, Jackson reminds us all to embrace our inner goofball and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

10. Zero the Corgi

Breaking stereotypes with his exceptional swimming skills, Zero the Corgi captivates followers with his adventurous spirit and lovable personality. Whether splashing around in the pool or embarking on outdoor expeditions, Zero's Instagram feed is a testament to the indomitable spirit of our four-legged friends. With his infectious enthusiasm and boundless curiosity, Zero proves that size is no barrier to big adventures and that every day is an opportunity for new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.


Beyond these ten captivating pets, Instagram boasts a large number of other animal accounts that enchant and inspire millions worldwide. From Hamilton the Hipster Cat with his dapper mustache to Peter the Netherland Dwarf bunny hopping through the streets of Tokyo, each account offers a unique glimpse into the joy and wonder of pet companionship. As the popularity of celebrity dog Instagram accounts and other animal influencers continues to soar, one thing remains clear: our furry friends hold a special place in our hearts, both online and off. 


So, whether you're in need of a daily dose of cuteness or simply seeking inspiration from the animal kingdom, Instagram's best animal accounts never fail to deliver, serving as a source of joy, laughter, and endless wonder for pet enthusiasts around the world. So, why not hit that follow button and join the millions of pet lovers in celebrating the magic of our beloved companions?