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10 Ways to Deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Having a jealous girlfriend can be one of the most toxic relationships; you would probably be restless. 

Others may think that having a jealous girlfriend is great, but a situation of feeling heavily scrutinized is not healthy for any relationship. 

Couple hanging out - Image by Oleksandr Pyrohov from Pixabay

However, leaving a relationship might not be the best way to deal with a jealous girlfriend; there are many other great ways you can do that. 

Here you will learn how to cope with a girlfriend who is always jealous of every move you make.

  1. Let her talk of her insecurities 

Most of the time, what makes a girl jealous is being insecure about many things, such as another girl taking you away from her. 

Things as simple as that can cause her insecurities, and your ability to let her express herself about that is very important. 

Let her talk to you about the things she is insecure about without being judgemental, and you will see how things will resolve quickly. 

Being judgmental only adds salt to the injury, and arguing with your girlfriend won't solve the problems; it only causes more problems.

  1. Stay calm 

It can be extremely hard to stay calm when you are accused of something you do not know about. Jealous girlfriends are fond of that. 

You should remain calm whenever your jealous girlfriend starts raising her voice and questioning you about things you feel are unnecessary. 

Couple arguing - Image by Afif Ramdhasuma from Pixabay

Even during heated arguments, you shouldn't match the energy your girlfriend may release, as this will only lead to more problems. Rather, remain calm and use a lower voice to settle things with her. Raising your voice will only escalate things.

  1. Show her love 

Jealous girlfriends are insecure; the only thing they would want to see from you is you reassuring them that you still love them. 

Sometimes it should be noted that there are times when boyfriends fail to show their girlfriends an assurance of love. Showing love to your girlfriend doesn't end with saying it; some actions reassure her you still have her in your mind. 

Actions don't necessarily mean spending money; spending more time with her can go a long way to reassure her of your love. 

  1. Make her feel special 
Photo credit: Pixabay

Chances are that the only major thing your jealous girlfriend needs from you is for you to make her feel special most of the time. 

Not every man is romantic, and not every man knows that words move more girls than what they see. Girls would prefer you to say, compliment, and reassure them of how they are more beautiful than girls. 

Making a girl feel special is not only done through words. You can leave a card at the most random places for her to see how much you still love her. 

  1. Identify what makes her jealous 

Of all things that have been mentioned above, identifying what makes your girlfriend feel very jealous will be very important as it can even solve everything. 

Sometimes you may not know that how you talk with other girls or how you provide easy access to girls makes your girlfriend jealous. 

When you identify the issue that has been making her jealous, work on resolving them as quickly as possible to prevent more problems from arising. 

If you cannot identify the reason behind her jealousy on your own, you can easily ask her. 

  1. Use the "I" word 

One of the things that many men don't know is how powerful the "I" word can be used in settling many issues in a relationship. 

For instance, if your girlfriend is jealous about you being friends with a particular person, there is a way you can solve the issue amicably. 

Instead of saying, "the girl is just my friend," try saying, "I know how you feel about this girl being my friend…." Your explanation would be more acceptable than plain and defensive speech when you say the latter instead of the former. 

  1. Validate her feelings 

One of the worst things you would ever do is argue with a jealous girlfriend; it would only worsen things. 

Rather than trying to be defensive and make her look like what she's saying is not true, validate her feelings. 

Assuming she is jealous about you being friends with another girl named Amanda, don't try to argue with her about her feelings. Instead, you can do this "I understand you feel bad and insecure about the friendship I have with Amanda…." 

When you say this, you've acknowledged that she is right about what she is feeling and that she would be more interested in hearing from you. 

  1. Deal with your bad behavior 

There are chances that your girlfriend might be jealous because of the bad behaviors you have been exhibiting. 

For instance, how you get too close and touch other girls in public might make your girlfriend jealous. Also, if you are easygoing with other girls and you aren't with your girlfriend, it might make her jealous. 

Therefore identify those things which are not healthy for your relationship and stop doing them.

  1. Don't keep secrets 

Certain behaviors may suggest that you are keeping secrets from your girlfriend. And within yourself, you know there are certain things that your girlfriend ought to know that you are not telling her. 

Keeping things away from your girlfriend and letting her discover makes her insecure and jealous. 

Even as a human, when someone doesn't tell you what you are supposed to know, and you find out by yourself, it makes you not trust that person much.

  1. Don't lie 

There's nothing like a good lie in a relationship; it is very important to be open to your girlfriend and let her know what is happening. 

A Woman blocking her ears - Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

It will make her insecure and jealous when your girlfriend finds out that you have been lying to her about certain things, such as when you went out. 

Be open to your girlfriend, let her know the problems you are facing, and you will see that she will feel more loved than jealous. Your girlfriend likes it when she is the first person to be told what is going on in your life. 

Wrapping Up 

Having a jealous girlfriend in a relationship can be pretty bad, but with proper actions, you can easily manage this trait. 

Giving your girlfriend a listening ear, being transparent with her, and many other things mentioned above will surely help you deal with your jealous girlfriend.