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15 Awesome 'Christmassy' Movies to Get Family in the Xmas Spirit

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
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Still, in the incredible spirit of Christmas, families are already planning on fun things to do together to make it a memorable season.


One thing that's always on every family's list is watching movies at the end of the day. But what if you pick the wrong movies?


That's why we've got you covered with a list of the top 15 Christmas movies to make your day complete. Even though the classics are great, there are some new and exciting films in 2023 that you won't want to miss. 


1. The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday


Embark on a whimsical journey with Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Snake, Mr Piranha, and Ms Tarantula, as a time in their lousy past is seen. In this movie, the Bad Guys planned break-ins during Christmas. But when the holiday is jeopardized by their accidental destruction of Santa, they discover that their plan to steal might fall as everyone decides not to. Will they put their evil ways aside to save Christmas? Watch on Netflix for a dose of adventure and holiday cheer.


 2. Best. Christmas. Ever!


Netflix brings a heartwarming tale starring Heather Graham and Brandy Norwood. Charlotte and Jackie, friends from college, spend the holidays together. Charlotte, envious of Jackie's seemingly perfect life, aims to prove otherwise. As they navigate family dynamics, this film explores the true meaning of Christmas and the bonds that matter.


 3. Candy Cane Lane


Eddie Murphy takes the lead in this Amazon original, diving into the classic Christmas trope of decorating competitions. To win the neighborhood contest, a dad unknowingly strikes a deal with an elf, leading to unexpected consequences. Will the magic of the 12 Days of Christmas save the day? Find out on Amazon Prime Video.


 4. A Christmas Frequency


Hulu presents a romantic holiday journey with Brooke (Denise Richards), a radio host, and the show's producer, Kenzie. When Brooke's marriage falters, Kenzie proposes a plan to boost their show's ratings—on-air blind dates. As complications arise with unexpected feelings, this movie adds a touch of love to your Christmas watchlist.


 5. The Claus Family 3


Building on the success of its predecessors, The Claus Family returns with its third installment on Netflix. Dive into the magical world where a holiday-hating teen discovers his relation to the North Pole. When the annual gift delivery faces challenges, it's up to the kids to save Christmas. It is a delightful addition to the Claus family saga.


6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever


Disney+ brings an animated adaptation of Greg Heffley's bad luck from the popular Wimpy Kid books and shows. Greg's holiday goes badly when he and his family get stuck inside because of the snow. In this fun Christmas special, you can follow his hilarious antics as he tries to get over being stuck inside.


 7. Dashing Through the Snow


In this heartwarming Disney+ original, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges plays Eddie, a Christmas-hating dad. Unexpectedly joined by "Nicholas Sinterklaas' ' (Lil Rel Howery), Eddie is thrust into a magical adventure. As they navigate holiday chaos, the movie explores themes of belief, magic, and the true spirit of Christmas.


 8. EXmas


Freevee presents a unique take on Christmas with Ali (Leighton Meester) and Graham (Robbie Amell), ex-fiancés navigating holiday plans. When Ali decides to spend Christmas with Graham's family, unexpected twists challenge their wills. A test of endurance ensues, making it a delightful comedy for your festive viewing.


 9. Family Switch


Charlie's Angels' McG directs this Netflix movie and brings a classic family-body-switching comedy. Starring Jennifer Garner, Ed Helms, Emma Myers, and Brady Noon, the film explores the chaos ensues when parents and children swap bodies. With important plans on the line, it's a humorous and heartwarming journey of understanding and togetherness.


10. Genie


Melissa McCarthy takes center stage as the titular genie summoned by Bernard (Paapa Essiedu) in this Peacock movie. Bernard, facing job loss and family troubles, seeks help from the magical wishes. However, the genie's fish-out-of-water antics add a delightful twist to the narrative. It is a fun and heartening Christmas story with a touch of magic.


 11. The Holdovers


This film, directed by Alexander Payne and starring Paul Giamatti, explores the intricacies of emotionally prickly characters. Giamatti portrays a boarding school teacher with the unglamorous task of watching over teenagers during Christmas break. As staff, students, and remaining staff find themselves together, the film delves into the quest for holiday cheer in unexpected places.


 12. How the Gringo Stole Christmas


A festive twist on meet-the-parents movies, this film features George Lopez as a father shocked when his daughter brings home her boyfriend for Christmas—and he's white. Available on Prime Video, it weaves themes of family dynamics and acceptance into the holiday season.


13. It's a Wonderful Knife


In the Christmas horror subgenre, this film offers a gruesome take on "It's a Wonderful Life." Joel Kinnaman plays a man seeking revenge for his son's murder on Christmas Eve. The movie explores the consequences of alternate realities and the silent pursuit of justice, making it a unique addition to the holiday lineup. Currently, it's only available in theaters.


14. Merry Little Batman


Superheroes get a festive touch in this full-length animated movie. Batman's son, Damian Wayne, takes the spotlight as he uncovers a plot by Gotham villains to steal Christmas. Directed by Mike Roth, the film explores crime-fighting and holiday cheer for superhero fans of all ages.


 15. The Naughty Nine


Move over, Ocean's 11! On Disney+, The Naughty Nine features a group of naughty kids planning a heist when Santa fails to bring them presents. Premiered on The Disney Channel, it promises a blend of mischief, humor, and Christmas adventure. Encore showings are also available on Disney+. Join the fun as these mischievous kids take matters into their own hands.


Bonus: Silent Night

For those who prefer a departure from traditional Christmas themes, "Silent Night" is a gory revenge thriller directed by action legend John Woo. Joel Kinnaman plays a man seeking vengeance for his son's murder on Christmas Eve.


With minimal dialogue, the film offers a unique cinematic experience. It's exclusively available in theaters, providing a different perspective on the holiday season.


These different movies add to the holiday entertainment tapestry and give the whole family something to enjoy. These Christmas movies will improve your holiday season, whether you want to laugh, feel good, or see something different with the holiday spirit. As you go on this movie journey through the holiday wonders of 2023, enjoy the magic of stories and the warmth of family.