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15 Thrilling Things To Say on the First Date That'll Make Her Go Crazy

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Two persons on a date, captured from a window
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Finding the perfect words to say to a girl on a first date can be challenging. First dates require a delicate balance between showing interest and flirting without giving the wrong impression. Knowing precisely what to say is essential to make a great impression.


However, it's not always easy, especially when nerves come into play. To help you, we've contacted top relationship and dating experts to gather great one-liners to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.


1. "You look amazing in that dress."


It's crucial to inform the date of your attraction if you sense a connection. According to Rhonda Milrad, LCSW, the Founder and Chief Relationship Advisor of RelationUp, women desire to experience sexual attraction towards their partner and feel desired in return. 

Date out, sitting at the rear of a vehicle


This mutual feeling increases the likelihood of attraction. Therefore, it's essential to compliment your date, but it's crucial to do it in a kind and non-creepy manner. Milrad suggests being specific and avoiding generic compliments that may appear insincere. Additionally, you must know different rules if you're pursuing a relationship with a colleague.


2. "Be at ease. I shall give them a call at a later time."


According to Match.com's annual Singles in America study, the use of cell phones is a significant issue for many people who are dating. The study revealed that 75 percent of singles find it off-putting if their date answers their phone during the date.


A person on a call


Additionally, 66 percent of people don't like being interrupted by their date responding to a text, and 41 percent believe that having your phone on the table face-up is impolite. To avoid these issues, it's recommended that you keep your phone in your jacket and ignore it for the duration of the date, except for scheduling your next one. It's also worth noting that having an outdated or older model cell phone can lead to negative judgment from women, according to the same survey.


3. "Have you listened to the statement made by the President yesterday?"


A study performed by Duke professor and behavioral economist Dan Ariely revealed that posing highly contentious queries, such as "What are your views on abortion?" and "Have you ever caused someone heartbreak?" resulted in more significant, captivating, and engaging discussions than the typical questions about hobbies, family, and employment.

A  couple on a couch watching a show


Undoubtedly, discussing conventional data topics holds significance. However, posing a query that demands emotional contemplation and honesty about principles builds a foundation of trust that is vital for fostering a more profound connection.


4. "I understand your point. It brings to mind the occasion when I…"


The study conducted by Stanford revealed that women felt a connection with men who interrupted them, but not in a negative sense. It is important to note that interrupting someone to dominate a conversation is unappealing. However, the research suggests successful dates involved interruptions where the man skillfully interjected to express a shared experience with the woman. 

On a date, evening, dark

For instance, if the woman mentioned seeing Radiohead in concert, the man could interrupt and say, "I'm envious - Radiohead is one of my favorite bands, too," before allowing her to continue. In essence, interruptions can be beneficial as long as they demonstrate attentiveness.


5. "Marriage is of great essence to me." 

Being aware of your desires and having a solid sense of self is appealing. Milrad suggests expressing your intentions without hesitation.

A married couple

If you're seeking a casual relationship, she may be interested. Don't be afraid to communicate if you're looking for a committed partnership. Sharing your goals can strengthen your bond and ensure mutual understanding. Milrad emphasizes that being transparent from the outset saves time and effort in the future.


6. "I enjoy spending my Sunday mornings…"


According to Gretchen Kubacky, Psy.D., a psychologist based in Los Angeles, the more a man can create a vision of his life that includes a woman, the more likely she is to show interest.


For instance, simply stating that you enjoy being active is uninteresting. However, describing your ideal Sunday morning routine, such as grabbing coffee and croissants at your favorite spot before hitting the waves with your surfboard, provides a clear picture of your interests. 


A happy couple on a date

To gauge her interest, follow up with questions like "Do you surf?" or "Would you like me to teach you?". Kubacky believes such statements invite deeper conversations, which help build a more comprehensive and attractive image of a future together. Being able to picture a future together is incredibly attractive.


7. "My Family is of great importance to me."


It's vital to showcase your strong relationships with family and close friends on a first date, according to Paul DePompo, PsyD, a psychologist in Newport Beach. DePompo states that having positive relationships with loved ones demonstrates your ability to reciprocate and maintain a healthy relationship. 

A father and his kid having a great time bonding


This trait reinforces your caring nature and capacity for long-lasting connections, qualities most women find attractive. Additionally, it shows that you can balance your personal life and establish boundaries. However, avoiding excessive talk about your mother or any traumatic family experiences is essential, which can be off-putting and saved for later dates.


8. "Thank You."

Although it may sound basic, Kubacky asserts that demonstrating graciousness and politeness is a significant attraction factor and a prerequisite for many women seeking a partner. 

A couple walking across a bridge holding hands


Extending your kindness beyond your date and exhibiting cordiality towards waiters, valet attendants, bartenders, and anyone else you encounter is essential. This conveys that you hold all individuals in high esteem, establishing yourself as respectable and desirable.


9. "I also enjoy hiking. Perhaps we could go on a hike together at some point."


Being asked for a second date at the right moment is considered attractive. According to DePompo, it is advisable to wait for a moment of excitement during the evening, and once you have discovered similar interests or values, express your desire to share that experience with them. 

A couple on a hike atop a hill

This demonstrates genuine interest in developing the relationship, increasing the likelihood of future dates. Lastly, DePompo advises against waiting until the end of the date due to nervousness, as it is too predictable.


10. "I'm unavailable on Friday. Would Saturday be suitable for you?"


According to DePompo, creating the impression that you are occupied and highly sought after can be deceiving.

A busy man on the phone


"It could be a result of the basic principles of supply and demand, but individuals tend to feel special when they realize that your time is precious and yet you are prioritizing them," he explains. However, it is essential to strike a balance between being mysterious and being rude. 


"Communicate to her that you comprehend the significance of spending quality time in a relationship. Despite having numerous significant obligations, you acknowledge that spending time together is essential for a healthy relationship," he advises.


11. Opt for a funny approach.


Don't underestimate the power of laughter! Even if she's laughing, her heart may still be melting. Try something a little cheesy, sweet, and flirty to make her blush and feel warm and fuzzy. This is a great way to win her over; she'll love sharing the moment with you. 

A girl laughing

Here are a few examples: 

- "I've been trying to figure out what's missing in my life, and I realized it's you. Can I have your number?" 

- "Excuse me, do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes." 

- "If I were to write a book about you, it would be a bestseller because you're a real page-turner."


12. Make it brief and pleasant.


Being suggestive can be alluring. You don't have to give a lengthy monologue to impress her. Being a bit vague and enigmatic can pique her interest. Keep it uncomplicated, and don't overanalyze it.

A couple discussing with smiles on a street

To make it more impactful, try saying one of these phrases unexpectedly; she might become overwhelmed with emotions. Possible lines include:

"It's difficult to gaze at you because you're so stunning."

"If we were together tonight, I'd do anything for you."

"You look gorgeous when you look at me like that."


13. Say "I love you" in a different way. 

Although significant, "I love you" can be unoriginal and overused. Repeatedly expressing your love for someone may diminish its impact over time. Instead, try to add more depth to your words when conveying your affection. 

A couple

Consider using more descriptive language, such as:

- "I am enamored by the way you gaze at me."

- "I hold great admiration for every aspect of you."

- "My fondness for you never ceases, even after all this time together."

- "I will forever cherish you silently in my heart."


14. Propose to help.


Expressing a willingness to be of service can be highly attractive. Each person has their unique love language; for many women, a desire to assist is a way to express love. When we think of captivating someone's heart, we often imagine using flirtatious lines or sexual innuendos. However, your girlfriend may appreciate your eagerness to assist her, which can mean more to her than any cheesy one-liner!

A person helping to tie the shoe laces of another

If your girlfriend is busy with school or work, saying something like, "Do you need any help to make your life easier?" or "What can I do to assist you? My only goal is to make you happy," can make a significant impact.


If she appears preoccupied, you could say, "You seem worried about something. Is there anything I can do or say to help you forget about it?"


15. "Words cannot describe the depth of my feelings for you."


Don't hold back, and show your genuine emotions without hesitation. Demonstrate your willingness to be open and vulnerable by completely exposing yourself. It's effortless for individuals to disregard a simple compliment or a brief expression of gratitude. By being more expressive, she will be more likely to feel the emotions you convey genuinely.

A couple on a romantic date

You could express to her:

"Being with you every day is the ultimate form of flattery. I feel extremely fortunate to have you in my life."

"Seeing you always brighten up my day, and I cannot express how much you mean to me."

"You look stunning in everything you wear. There isn't a single word in the dictionary that accurately describes how much you turn me on.