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5 Best New Horror Movies On Netflix October 2022

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Image Credit: Unsplash 

October is the spookiest season in the world because of Halloween, and it is better to match the season's energy with horror movies. 

For some people, the best time to enjoy the Halloween season is not by going to Halloween parties or trick or treating. Instead, they prefer to be in the comfort of their couch and enjoy great scary movies. 

Continue reading as we have made a collection of new horror movies on Netflix that you need to check out in this spooky season. It doesn't matter if you like gruesome killings or the thrills that come with psychological horrors; we got you covered. 

  1. Midnight Club (2022)

Midnight Club is a new horror series on Netflix that started in 2022 and was created by prolific horror movie creator Mike Flanagan. 

The creator of this new horror series collaborated with writer Leah Fong (writer of The Haunting of Bly Manor) to create this series. 

The artistic environment of this horror movie is based on Bright Cliffe Hospice. Eight terminally ill teens are the protagonist of this story, and they spend their nights telling stories about ghosts. For those who loved Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark, you will surely love this series. 

  1. Choose or Die (2022)

Choose or Die is a horror movie directed by Toby Meakins with Iola Evans, Asa Butterfield, and others starring. 

This is one of the New horror movies on Netflix that will keep you intrigued and in suspense until the movie's end. 

The movie starts with one of the protagonists discovering an old 80's computer game that promised a $100,000 cash price. However, the game is not just simple, as it forces the actors to make decisions that affect people's lives. 

The person who found the game discovered it was sinister, and they either had to continue winning or die. This new Netflix horror movie will keep you in your seat until the end. 

  1. Umma (2022)

Umma has a runtime of about 1 hour and 23 minutes, directed by Iris K. Shim. 

The movie starts with a Korean immigrant homeschooling her daughter named Chrissy. The Korean immigrant was afraid of her daughter leaving for college and had flashbacks of her abusive childhood. 

The movie is filled with many supernatural scares that keep you rooted until the end. 

  1. All of Us Are Dead (2022) 
Image via Netflix 

All of Us Are Dead is a Korean zombie drama that is very popular because of the concept found in the Netflix series. 

The Korean drama features an outbreak that started in a high school science class and suddenly turned into a zombie apocalypse. The infection within the school grew to take over the Korean peninsula quickly. 

This is one of the new horror series that is extremely intense and will keep you in suspense and fear throughout. 

  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) 

Do you like a bloody and fright galore horror movie, then the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just for you. This movie has a runtime of about 1 hour 23 minutes, and David Blue Garcia directed it. 

The movie's storyline focuses on a serial killer, Leather face, on a killing spree. It has so many bloody scenes and story twists. 


Apart from tricks and treats, watching interesting Halloween movies is a great way of celebrating the spooky season. 

Well, we hope you don't want to enjoy the thrills of paranoia alone. Have a friend stay up with you and binge on any of these shows from our selection.