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5 Easy Steps to Make a Capricorn Woman Fall in Love with You

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read

Capricorns are people born between December 22nd - January 19th. So if the woman you admire has her birthday within these dates, you already know this article is a perfect read!

Capricorn ladies are vision-oriented and goal-driven. They set high goals, but their enthusiastic nature makes it thrilling to watch them achieve them. She usually wants a partner who is just as unique as she is, so if you are ready to shower her with the love, partnership, and respect she desires, these 5 steps will get her to notice and desire a relationship with you.

5 Easy Tips You Should Use to Make a Capricorn Woman Fall in Love with You.

If you are attracted to a Capricorn woman already, increase your prospects of a romantic relationship with these 5 easy steps.

A couple on a date (Pexels)

1. Show Her You Are Goal-Driven Too

Capricorns are goal-driven people who invest all they have to chase their ambition and become successful. If you let her know you are not just a lover boy sitting at home fantasising about his dreams, she will be impressed by your dedication to your career, hobbies, or general life interests. 

You can take her out on a platonic date where you subtly fill her in on your current goals, ambitions, or dreams. Listen to her talk about the things she's passionate about that keeps her up at night, and be generous with the compliments you give her. This would make her feel seen and valued, allowing her to anticipate the next date too.

2. Be Genuine; Don't Try So Hard To Impress.

Capricorn women admire honesty and truth in people. Trust is a deal breaker for them because they can't afford to be around someone they can't trust to handle their vulnerability well. Capricorns are not always willing to open up quickly, so it's important to them to know they are with someone of integrity when they finally do.

We know it's a tricky place to be in, especially in a first impression, because you are trying to get her attracted and impressed by you, but a Capricorn values authenticity when she sees it. She likes that you can be your true 3 around her without being pressured to impress. Be genuine about your opinions, values, interests,  and disinterests, and never try to put up a facade of who you are not.

She knows you'll not entirely share the same opinions or ideas with her, but she needs to know you are as much of an open book to her.

3. Make Her Enjoy Your Company

an excellent way to win her heart and keep her thinking about you is to create a relaxing and exciting atmosphere for her every time you talk. Contrary to popular opinion, Capricorns aren't "all work and no play", so a good sense of humor that helps her to loosen up would be greatly appreciated by her.

Share witty jokes, get her to laugh, and feel comfortable around you. Be spontaneous and surprise her with acts that get her giggling when she finds out. Be an enjoyable company to her and watch her gradually begin to make plans to spend more time with you.

4. Be Thoughtful About Her

Capricorns are efficient people. They think more with their head than with their heart. A dimly lit room filled with a thousand beautiful roses that would impress other women might earn you an eye roll from her, so it's expedient to be thoughtful in ways you consider trying to explain your love. 

Be thoughtful in gifts and gestures. Find out what she would need or value and take responsibility for doing them. If she likes to read, you could send her the latest edition from her favorite authors instead of a chocolate box or, volunteer to be a part of something she finds intriguing or a hobby e.g car racing.

Try offering her a head massage when she complains about a long day, and send her collections from her favorite mural store to show you are listening. Capricorns are usually very sweet people; you only have to find out the things that tickle them.

5. Invest Time & Attention

Capricorns generally reciprocate the amount of energy you give. Remember, they are more practical beings. So, if you say you want to be with her, you need to mean it by actually proving it in ways she can see. 

Don't leave them to make the first move. If you like them, actively be involved in making them aware of this. Invest your time and attention. Plan spontaneous outings or acts, listen to the small talks she makes, and reciprocate the gestures by making conversations too. 

Support the things she considers an interest, and be a trusting friend and cheerleader. She'll reciprocate the gesture and begin to do the chasing too. You only have to give it your time.

What You Must Remember While Winning A Capricorn

Capricorns are not quick to open up emotionally and be vulnerable with people, especially a love interest. You must be willing to take things slow and allow her the space to develop her interest in you and decide to reciprocate or not reciprocate the gesture. It's essential you don't appear too pushy to land a romantic relationship with her; most zodiac signs require patience to reciprocate feelings.

With a Capricorn woman, patience is key, as it is vital to start by building valuable friendships that can blossom into love eventually. Clearly state your interest in a romantic relationship but be willing to be a trusted friend first. 

Focus on creating a connection, earning her trust, and being a big cheerleader for her goals. She will most likely reciprocate the gesture, and you'll be amazed at how much of a loyal partner she can be. Hang in there!