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7 Actresses That Could Break Your Bones In A Street Fight

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Angelina Jolie squares in a fight scene
Angelina Jolie is always ready to kick! | Netflix

7 Beautiful Female Celebrities That Are Unbelievably Very Strong and Will Defend Themselves in a Street Fight.


Everyone looks forward to their favorite celebrities looking good and donning designer wear at social events, making major collaborations, and altogether being the public face they admire and look up to.


What they don’t expect is to find their faves kicking butts and making fists when someone tries to mess with them. It doesn’t fit into the stereotypes, and these celebrities will catch you by surprise!


Here are 7 queens of martial arts who possess actual skills beyond the screen stunts that you should never mess around with. Read to the end to see if your faves are there.


  1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Joie poses for a picture wearing a black gown
Angelina Jolie | Shutterstock

You must surely remember this beautiful actress for her roles in some action movies. Beyond the stage stunts you probably loved her for, Jolie has had to learn some self-defense techniques for her roles, making her capable of fending for herself in the case of an attack. It was even confirmed that she and actor Brad Pitt both practiced the Krav Maga for “By The Sea”, a 2015 movie that featured them as main characters.


So the next time you approach Jolie for an autograph, you had better do it politely to avoid your butts getting kicked.


  1. Courtney Cox


Courtney Cox
Courtney Cox | Shutterstock


Courtney Cox moved from being a yummy preggy to being a super-mom right before our eyes. The actress started learning Budokan Karate after she had her first child and this proved a great deal in empowering her post-partum.


She would practice as many times as possible every week and had soon introduced it to her friend & colleague, Jenniffer Aston who liked the idea too


  1. Sarah Mitchelle Gellar


Sarah Mitchelle Gellar
Sarah Mitchelle Gellar | Late Late Show


If you ever reminisced on the stellar performance given by the star actress in the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie (1997-2003), you would agree that Sarah had a grand moment thrashing the evil forces in the storyline.


What you didn’t know is that she had a terrific combination of gymnastics, taekwondo, kickboxing, and basic street fighting in her arsenal all the while she acted in the movie role and eventually got her black belt in taekwondo.


  1. Madonna

Pop singer Madonna pictured sitting with a drink in her hand
Pop singer Madonna pictured getting ready for her show | Madonna/Instagram

Madonna is a celebrity that you don't want to mess with. She's an impressive personality who continues to amaze us with new discoveries.


Recently, it was revealed that the singer holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate, despite her numerous chart-topping songs and albums and the legacy she has built in the entertainment industry.


She credits her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, who is an expert in martial arts, for teaching her the intricacies of the art. Madonna is not only stunning in her looks, but also in her abilities!


  1. Brenda Song


Brenda Song
Brenda Song | Shutterstock


The Disneyteen is a “sweet & can’t hurt a fly” celebrity. Song has had a black belt in taekwondo for 14 years now and the actress/singer does not seem like she’s relenting as she recently took intensive kung fu training classes ahead of her role in the Wendy Wu; Homecoming Warrior Movie.


If you can’t hold a fight, you had better avoid Brenda Song.


  1. Adriana Lima

Adriana lima
Adriana Lima | Shutterstock

She’s not just your favorite lingerie model, Adriana Lima has skills in Capoeira, martial arts, and boxing, and while she doesn’t seem like it, the popular fashion model is not one to joke with her boxing classes.


Lima admitted to times when she isn’t feeling like training and her trainer’s motivation would be all she needs to get out and practice. Don’t mess with Lima just because she’s cute, her fists will shove you down in a jiffy.


  1. Maggie Q


Maggie Q
Maggi Q | Shutterstock


Although the movie star often admits to not having formal training in martial arts, there’s no doubt she knows enough to stand up for herself in a street fight.


As someone who has had to work with Jackie Chan and train for years on movie roles, Maggie Q  has more endurance training than any average lady and her colleague.


Bruce Wills once praised her physical strength during an interview; "I hit her with a light switch, I give her my best left-hook, and she gets up, and I'm like, damn, this girl is rough. So, she's Well done, really well done," he affirmed.