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7 Kinds of People in Cinemas, You've Met Number 4

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
People watching a movie at a cinema
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Most times, when you walk in and settle down at the movie cinema, you eagerly wait for the light to pop up on the big screen.

However, you might as well get a shocker when you finally realize the type of person sitting next to you. Your heart gives a thud sound, and you quietly pray that they would behave themselves and not ruin your cinema-viewing experience.

In this article, we will take a look at seven types of people you might encounter in a movie cinema.

1. The Enthusiastic Movie Buff


Man pointing at a screen


The enthusiastic movie buff are easily recognized for their passion for the movie. These types of people are well-informed about upcoming releases, directors, and actors. They also like predicting the later events of a movie. You will likely find them excitedly engaging in discussions with fellow movie enthusiasts like them before and after the movie.

Movie buffs are eager to analyze the plot, dissect cinematography, and appreciate the little details that make a movie exceptional. For them, the cinema is a sacred place where they can immerse themselves in the film world and escape reality for a few hours.

2. The Phone Addict


A person taking a selfie photo in a cinema


Phone addicts are the ones that are constantly glued to their smartphones, even during the movie. They can't resist the urge to check their social media. They continuously chat or take selfies, totally clueless to the fact that their phone's bright screen is distracting others.

Despite reminders to turn off their devices, they seem unable to control the urge to stay connected, which is often irritating to fellow movie watchers. These audience members raise their phones to click pictures of the title, and they're all over every social media feed.

3. The Latecomers


A person running late for an appointment (Shutterstock)


No matter how competent the movie's start time is advertised, the latecomer will always manage to arrive after the film has begun. Here's a vivid scenario: When the movie announces that it starts at 5:30 pm, the latecomer could arrive at 6:30 pm.

Their hurried entrance, shuffling in the dark, and disturbing murmured apologies could dent the viewing experience for others. The latecomer also spends more time figuring out the plot, unaware of the crucial scenes they've missed.

4. The Snack Smugglers


A man biting on a snack


The cinema experience revolves around one thing for the snack smugglers. They take their time choosing the perfect combo of snacks, ranging from popcorn and cookies to candies and soft drinks.

The smugglers ignore most of the movie and are found to chew on something every 10 minutes. The aroma of fresh popcorn is enough to make their day, and they often come prepared with their stash of goodies to ensure a complete cinematic indulgence. Most of them are noisy while eating, which is very annoying. Concentrating on the movie with the smell, sight, and sound of food gets very irritating.

5. The Emotional Souls


Two women crying while watching a movie, dabbing off tears with clothes


Some kinds of movies profoundly impact some viewers, and some will cry their hearts on their sleeves. Whether it's a heartwarming scene, horror, tragic movie, or an emotional moment, the emotional ones cannot help but openly shed tears.

During an emotionally charged scene, some people might find it uncomfortable to sit next to someone who appears to be affected by the situation. While some might feel inclined to offer comfort by hugging or reassuring them, others may not find it cute and prefer to maintain their distance.

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6. The Casual Viewers


People watching a movie in a cinema


In contrast to the emotional souls and enthusiastic movie buffs, the casual viewer sees a visit to the cinema as a simple leisure activity. They are not usually up-to-date with the latest movie news and the actors' names. They, however, enjoy the experience of watching a good movie on the big screen.

Casual viewers explore the cinema to unwind, relax, or spend time with family and friends. They choose movies based on the latest popular trends or recommendations rather than going deep into the details of each film.

7. The Love Birds


A romantic couple kissing in a cinema (Shutterstock)


This set of people usually try to stay out of the way of everyone and shun themselves into the corner seats, oblivious to the movie. But it becomes bothersome when you find yourself stuck in the corner seat with them.

And, of course, the sweet nothings of the early honeymoon phase are an absolute mood-killer when you're just eager to see which cult would be fighting in a particular actor in the movie.