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7 Tricks To Learn The Lyrics Of A Song And Never Forget Them

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
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Credit: Steven Erixon via Unsplash

Nothing excites any music lover as much as being able to sing along to the lyrics of your favorite songs while it's being played. It gives you a rare satisfaction and "top of the world" feeling you won't get every time. 

Mastering the lyrics of a song should be something other than a Herculean task. You can hack it with these simple 7 tricks you'll learn in this article.

7 Ways To Quickly Memorise Song Lyrics Like A Pro

Trying to master a song's lyrics? Here are 7 tips to help you: 


Writing something down helps it to stick to your memory. It may seem unimportant at first, but you are subtly committing your consciousness to every word as you write. And while writing, ensure to visualize the song lyrics in your head. Mindlessly writing down the lyrics may not produce quick results, so it's most effective to visualize each word as you write it down.


If you will learn the lyrics of that song quickly, it is important to "feel" the song. Suppose you are trying to memorize the lyrics of a love song, for example. In that case, you can try imagining the story in your head and connecting to the writer's emotion expressed in every word. Mentally analyze what it would feel like to live in the reality of those lyrics so you'll be able to easily memorize them because the next time you sing, you know you are telling a story in songs.

A man singing Karaoke

If you enjoy Karaoke, this is a good way to try memorizing your favorite songs. All you need to do is look for the karaoke version of the song on YouTube and sing along without instruments. You can make it more fun and memorable by singing it with friends. 


It would be best to repeat the song until it sinks into your consciousness. Singing it while you listen also helps. Studies even suggest that singing a song before you go to bed, and immediately you wake up would help you commit it to long-term memory faster than you would if you sang randomly. If you are trying to learn the lyrics of a song faster, try listening and singing repeatedly.


Memorizing the song according to sections of the lyrics would help you learn it faster. The organization helps to improve the brain's retention capacity. So, if the song has 4 verses, don't start by trying to learn the entire song at once. You can begin with Verse 1, the chorus or bridge, and then move on to the next verse until you grasp each verse. You can now try singing it together as a whole.


You can make a voice record of yourself while you sing and learn the lyrics. When you are done, you can play the song's original version again, listen to it and then go back to your voice record. You can spot the differences or mistakes made while learning the lyrics if you do it this way. Continuing with the voice recording until you are perfected is also effective. Multiple attempts help you retain the words better.


If you are struggling to master the wording of lyrics, you can use this simple word association trick. Word association means you will connect a word to something you can easily recall without having to memorize it. For example, if a song lyric says, "Designers on my Porsche"...

You might want to try picturing yourself or someone in your favorite designers showing up at an event in a sleek Porsche model. So when that line pops up, you think of "Versace," and you can easily remember that it says, "Designers on my Porsche".

Memorizing the lyrics of any song doesn't have to be hard. You can commit to these tips with your friends if it helps cheer you on as you practice. Make sure to share these tips with someone else when it works.