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7 Weird and Absurd Instagram Accounts, Their Content Will Leave You Shivering

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
A person wearing a mask and holding a smiley face balloon
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Upon initial observation, Instagram appears to be an ideal platform for indulging in breathtaking landscape photography, flawless models, and exhilarating travel snapshots. However, if you have perused the app for any significant duration, you likely discovered many accounts catering to those specific genres.


What about the weird, awkward, and unusual content found on Instagram? It often goes unnoticed, which is regrettable since most of it is captivating and inventive, and it certainly defies our conventional notions of beauty and art. Engaging with these accounts allows us to glimpse into the minds of individuals with incredibly distinctive outlooks on the world, and ideally, it unsettles us a bit in the process.


Fasten your seatbelt and check out these seven Instagram accounts featuring awkward content!


1. @mothmeister: Nightmare Images 


Imagine the most serene scene possible instead of conjuring up a frightening image. This will make the upcoming visuals even more jarring. @Mothmeister, a Belgian artistic duo, utilizes taxidermy and eerie masks to produce spine-chilling photographs.


The desolate settings in which they shoot add an air of uncertainty to the already unsettling images. These depictions showcase places where encountering the featured figures would be the last thing anyone would want, as there seems to be no place to take refuge in most shots.


The artists have a distinct ambiance in their creations and execute them exceptionally well. Like other accounts on this list, Mothmeister endeavors to defy conventional beauty standards and disrupt our outlook toward the world. Although their account Mothmeister features some weird content, I believe it is worth following.


2. Creeps on Canvas 


The art of Dos Diablos (@disdiablosdos) is deeply rooted in surrealism, resulting in a truly twisted and bizarre aesthetic. I find their work captivating because of its eerie and unsettling nature. Their ability to bring to life such inexplicable and otherworldly concepts on canvas is genuinely fascinating and beyond my imagination.




Although their physical form resembles a human's, these characters often appear distorted and possess spider-like joints and limbs, which can be weird. 


3. Oleg Limb 


Oleg Limb (@soliton_) uniquely approaches portraiture, transforming his subjects into unexpected, faceless figures. As humans, we are naturally drawn to the faces of those in photographs, making it all the more surprising when viewing Oleg's work. His portraits appear as smooth, blank canvases where one would expect to see the model's face.




The use of black and white enhances the eerie vibe of his photographs. This technique transports the viewer to a distant era unfamiliar to us. Consequently, it adds to the enigmatic quality of the images, leaving us with many unanswered questions.


4. Handsome Devils Puppets 


@handsomedevilspuppets is a passion project dedicated to crafting handmade puppets. Their profile showcases images and videos featuring their finished puppets, including striking resemblances to iconic figures such as Edward Scissorhands and Edgar Allen Poe and completely original designs. 




It's undeniably impressive and fascinating, provided you're not unnerved by dolls or puppets. I perceive this initial profile as mild and friendly, so I hope it hasn't frightened you away! 


5. Creeptoons 


@creeptoons is an excellent account to immerse oneself in. It is brimming with peculiar characters that are depicted in a cartoonish manner. Their unevenly proportioned eyes and sinister grins make them appear quite menacing, but surprisingly, many of these characters are strangely charming. Although, it must be said, in a rather eerie manner.




The similarity between the art style of some characters and Stephen Gammel's illustrations for the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series caught my attention right away.


6. @cookingforbae 


The handle @cookingforbae has gained notoriety for showcasing some of the most repulsive culinary concoctions ever seen. From cakes resembling fungus to turkeys stuffed with "baby diapers" (as seen above), this handle is not recommended for food enthusiasts. 




Nonetheless, if you possess a strong constitution, you may fixate on these grotesque creations for an extended period. Delicious 


7. @medicaltalks 


@MedicalTalks is the ultimate contender for the weirdest Instagram pages out there. 


It's the perfect destination for those interested in medicine or who love to witness human anatomy up close. Be ready to get captivated by a plethora of intestines.