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8 Smart Steps To Make The Best Easter Baskets

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

Easter is a couple of weeks away, and you are probably wondering what to give your friends, family, colleague, or boss at work. Not to worry! These 8 Easter gift ideas will help you curate the perfect Easter basket from start to finish!

1: Choose The Ideal Container


Since it's an Easter gift basket, chances are you want to choose the most appealing medium to convey your love and well wishes packaged as gift items. The great thing about this is that you don't have to go for the most expensive basket for it to look special. A simple straw design or bunny-decorated basket will do the trick. You can also get creative and design it with whatever you find fascinating. 

2: Find A Durable Stuffer For Your Basket

Couleur via Pixabay

Stuffers are used to fill inside your basket before putting in your desired gifted items. They can sometimes serve the dual function of padding and increasing the bulk of the gifts placed in them. There are no rules on what type of stuffer to use; just make sure whatever you decide on would be perfect for your basket. A tissue cut crumpled or cut into strips, the popular green Easter grass, floral foams, colored paper, or any other filler would do just fine.

3: Decide On The Gift Item


While it's good to explore different gift options for your gift items, it can also help to choose gift items that are better suited for the needs of the person you are gifting. Candies, sweets, and chocolates are regular treats, but you might want to try adding something they would fancy and consider special. It could be a book, homemade pastries, a fancy scarf, or even toys for kids. Just make sure there's at least one thing in the basket that adds a blush to their cheek.

4: Make Your Arrangement Attractive

Jane Sorensen via Unslash

Sourcing your gift items is one step; displaying them the right way is another. You might want to consider arranging your gift items according to size, color, or in order of importance, the person would like to unravel. It is usually ideal to begin your arrangement from top to bottom as it helps to give you a mental picture of what your basket would look like at first glance before you are even done.

5: Decorate With A Theme

Tyler Davis via Unsplash

The themed basket also helps to leave a special effect on the recipient. You can choose a theme according to gender, favorite color, activity, or superhero for kids. This reminds them that you notice their preferences and you intend to please them.

6: Seal Up Your Basket

Eren Li via Pexels

Now that you have carefully arranged your gift items and your basket is just a step away from being ready for presentation, it's time to tie all loose ends and secure the gift items with clear tape or any other seal that gives it a neat and professional appeal.

7: Make It A Worthwhile Surprise

Polina Zimmerman via Pexels

If you went through the hassle of hand-picking the best container and their favorite items as gifts for your basket, you should also be willing to put enough effort into the delivery. Think about the best ways to present it to them. Do you want to hand it over in person with sweet complimentary notes, or would you have to put it somewhere they can find it themselves and be pleasantly surprised?

8: Give Yourself A Pat

Tyson via Unsplash

It is easy to get so hard on yourself even after you are done. You are probably wondering if you did enough or if you left out something, then you begin to criticize your hard work all day. It's okay to pat yourself and be gracious in your self-attempt. If you make an effort to surprise someone with something, it's because you care and wish to express your love.

While you are trying to make someone smile, be sure to have fun and remind yourself of a job well done first. You'll never find out how well you did until you present it, so relax!