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9 Signs That Tell You She's a Taurus Without Asking For Her Birthday

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
 A woman walking in a field at sunset
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 A woman walking in a field at sunset


Every year, the sun passes through Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac represented by the Bull, roughly between April 20 and May 20. They are renowned for being both obstinate and sensual.


Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, is the ruling planet over Taurus women. They possess tremendous moral and emotional strength and are graceful, autonomous, and makers of their destinies. The most dependable and unpredictable of all women is the Taurus woman. Here is a list of 9 characteristics of a Taurus woman.


1. The Pleasure Seeker:

Since Venus is the sign's ruling planet, Taurus women frequently enjoy or engage in all things romantic and artistic (think mood lighting, warm, cuddly blankets, and all the candles and aromatic oils). Few signs enjoy opulent aromas and textures as Taurus does. Therefore a cashmere-like fabric was created just for them. A lot of foreplay and slow-moving romance were both present. But even outside the bedroom, the Bull's primary strategy is to take their time. They are known for having long fuse even when they are enraged.


2. Emotionally Strong

A Taurus lady is emotionally intense and capable of managing much stress. This woman deals admirably with all her obstacles, whether they relate to her personal life or profession. She never complains or publicly displays her distress.


3. Independence

One of the most well-known characteristics of a Taurus lady is Independence. She isn't hesitant to take on a new project or lead others because she's confident in completing tasks independently. She frequently chooses to work alone rather than with a group. When necessary, a Taurus woman is aggressive but doesn't mind if someone else takes the lead, mainly if that person is her partner in an intimate relationship.


4. Loyal

Taurus woman is known for her loyalty and devotion, and those born under this sign are often very committed to their friends, family, and partner. She may have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but she will only show her loyalty to a select handful of them and demand the same in return. She is usually prepared to offer those exceptional support or guidance.


5. Artistic

Taurus is associated with beauty and creativity; women under this sign often have a natural talent for the arts. If she is a Taurus, she may be an artist, a musician, or someone who enjoys expressing herself through creative pursuits.


A woman making a painting in a field


6. Materialistic

Taurus is often associated with materialism and a love of luxury, and ladies born under this sign may place a high value on material possession and financial security. She may enjoy shopping, collecting expensive items, or pampering herself with luxurious experiences.


7. Patient

A Taurus woman is known for her patience and endurance, ladies born under this sign can be very persistent in pursuing their goals. She may be able to wait for what she wants and may be able to persevere through difficult times.


8. Practical

A Taurus woman tends to be practical and grounded. She may prioritize practical considerations over more abstract or theoretical ideas.


9. A foodie

A Taurus woman is associated with pleasure and enjoyment, often manifested in a love of food and drink. If she's a Taurus, she may be a passionate cook, a foodie, or someone who enjoys indulging in rich, decadent meals.


If she exhibits these traits, there's so much probability that she's a Taurus. You don't have to ask her for her birth date to know unless you have to, of course.