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Adorable Canine Loves Giving Hugs to Strangers on a Train

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Picture mix of adorable puppy bonding with travelers on a train
Instagram reel screengrabs |
Picture mix of adorable puppy bonding with travelers on a train
Instagram reel screengrabs

Meet Huxley, The Cuddle Bunny Putting A Blush On Every Cheek

If you ever met a golden retriever pup, you would agree that they are charming companions. This is why Huxley and Hugo, his nine-year-old pair, are surely not an exception. 


The social media pet stars have always been known to do funny and super cute stuff on their owner, Ursula Aitchison's page. Ursula who is a top Britain pet influencer on social media would upload videos of the duo pulling a cute doggie stunt or making a random stranger blush but this particular one she made of Huxley has broken the internet and the world won't stop gushing about them now.


Watch the heartwarming video here



Huxley was seen bonding with the passengers on a train by cuddling or sweetly leaning on them for a pet. The surprised look on passengers who weren't expecting such an adorable act was so beautiful to see and it indeed left a smile on everyone's faces. 

The 34-year-old dog owner narrated that the duo became popular after she decided to start taking photographs of them. As an animal photographer herself, Ursula realized her dogs were a better muse compared to the projects she had worked on in the past. 

"Compared to the dogs I was photographing, he was good at staying still and taking direction, so I put him forward to an agency," she explained.

See What Everyone Is Saying About Huxley's Viral Video

The video garnered millions of views within the first few hours of circulation and has currently achieved 24.2 million views since January when it was first uploaded with a caption;

"I love how dogs are so in tune with our feelings, Huxley has always been a joy to strangers on the train whether they are sad, tired, need a cuddle, stressed or perhaps they just have a tasty snack. Hux is there to make them smile. We’re often traveling so if you see him please come and say hi".

Cute Huxley rests on the shoulders of a traveller
Cute Huxley rests on the shoulders of a traveller (Instagram)


 Here's what Instagram users had to say👇:

"I would love to be on the same train as Huxley one day!!”, someone wrote, immediately wishing to be on the same train with Huxley.


Another user affirmed how much he would enjoy the experience if he met Huxley on board. “Probs would miss my stop if that happened,” he said.


Several other people gushed in the comments section, showering Huxley with sweet compliments and Tiktok users seem to agree too as the video also raked in comments on Ursula's Tiktok @hugoandursula


A Tiktok user @newthoughtconceptz applauded Huxley's lovable reaction to strangers, stating how the adorable pup was meeting an important human need through that act.

"He is making everybody feel loved, and that is all we humans want at the end of the day," he wrote. 

While speaking on the impact of her content and why she started uploading videos of her pet dogs, Ursula wrote;

 " I think that people can see in the images and videos that I post how much joy you can get from the simplicity of owning a pet. They make people happy and I have even had people reduced to happy tears."


There are no doubts Huxley has indeed left everyone with pleasant memories to cherish or look forward to. We only hope he continues to receive as much love as he doles out to strangers and a lifetime treat of dog goodies.