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Any Dad Would Love These 15 Father's Day Movies

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A father and his child watching a film together
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Finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be difficult, especially if your dad isn't into typical activities like grilling or golfing. However, choosing a Father's Day activity can be simpler by considering your dad's preferred movie genre. Whether he enjoys action, adventure, comedy, romance, or classic films, there's a good chance you'll be able to find a movie that he'll thoroughly enjoy.


Looking for the perfect movie to enjoy with your dad? Look no further! We've compiled a list of top picks available for streaming on popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Our selection features family-friendly films that revolve around father-child relationships and timeless "dad movies" that are sure to please.


No matter your dad's taste in movies, there's bound to be a film that captures his interest. Once you've made your pick, please sit back and let him enjoy his bing while you whip up a delicious dessert for Father's Day. Then, bond over something sweet as you chat about the movie.


1. Minari (2020)


The film Minari revolves around a father's aspirations. Steven Yuen portrays Jacob Yi, the leader of an immigrant household that relocates from California to Arkansas, intending to establish a farm for Korean produce. The story delves into the impact of this ambition on every member of the family.



2. King Richard (2021)


Considering the fantastic reviews from netizens, this might be one of the best movies to watch with your dad. This Oscar-winning film features Will Smith as Richard Williams, the father of tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams. It depicts his relentless efforts to propel his daughters into the professional circuit and the tough choices and compromises he made to achieve their success.


3. Fatherhood (2021)


In his latest movie, Kevin Hart portrays Matthew as a father who is left to mourn and care for his newborn daughter after his wife dies during childbirth. This role marks a departure from Hart's usual comedic performances and is based on the real-life events chronicled in the memoir Two Kisses for Maddie.


4. Finding Nemo (2003)


If your audience consists of people of different ages, consider playing Finding Nemo - a film featuring a father as the protagonist. Throughout the story, Marlon, the clownfish, must learn to overcome his overprotectiveness toward his son, a lesson many fathers could benefit from.


5. On the Rocks (2020)


One type of father-centered film is the "cad dad" subcategory, in which Bill Murray flawlessly portrays the charming yet mischievous dad in Sofia Coppola's production. The film features Rashida Jones as a New Yorker who collaborates with her womanizing father to uncover the truth about her husband's infidelity.


6. Concrete Cowboy (2020)


The plot of this film centers on Cole, portrayed by Caleb McLaughlin of Stranger Things, a young boy hailing from Detroit who is sent to reside with his father, Harp (played by Idris Elba), in Philadelphia. In this new environment, he discovers Harp's involvement with a group that nurtures and rides horses. Cole finds himself caught between the allure of the urban cowboy lifestyle and bonding with his cousin, who happens to be a drug dealer in the area.


7. Big Daddy (1999)


Oh, this sounds like a Father's Day gift already. If you want to make, Dad chuckle, indulge him in this Adam Sandler comedy that explores the clash between parenthood and Sandler's juvenile tendencies. To add to the fun, Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse, known for their roles in Riverdale, play the kid. Additionally, there is no joy a father gets than being seen as the hero in the home at all times. Spark his heart with this movie on Father's Day; you will undoubtedly get him bubbling with you all along. 


8. Taken (2008)


Taken, starring Liam Neeson as a father with "a unique set of abilities," would undoubtedly win the title of "Most Fatherly Movie" if such an award existed. After his daughter is abducted during a holiday, he embarks on a violent quest for retribution, determined to bring her home. This movie offers the best heartfelt gratitude any daughter would give her dad. Make your father feel like the Superman that he is. Celebrate your father with this exceptional depiction of fatherhood, that illustrates the challenges of doing what is right and the joy that comes with it.


9. Boyhood (2014)


Boyhood is often recommended as a great movie to watch with your son, given that it was shot over ten years, allowing you to witness the protagonist's growth and development. However, it is equally suitable for fathers, as Ethan Hawke delivers a quintessentially "Ethan Hawke-ish" performance as a dad who may not have been fully prepared for the challenges of parenthood in his children's early years, but who ultimately rises to the occasion.


10. Nebraska (2013) 


Will Forte take on the role of a devoted son, guiding his ailing father (Bruce Dern) on a quest to obtain a fraudulent lottery ticket? Alexander Payne's monochromatic drama pays homage to the character-focused films of the 1970s, and Dern's performance is outstanding. Despite being clouded by mental confusion, he remains perceptive enough to steer his son in the correct direction. This is another best movie to watch on Father's Day as a Father's Day gift to your dad. 


11. Catch Me If You Can (2022)


Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Frank Abagnale, a real-life thief who stole millions of dollars through fraudulent bank checks while enjoying a lavish lifestyle. Despite his criminal activities, the movie is filled with compassion and features two father figures - Frank's vulnerable biological father (portrayed by Christopher Walken) and an FBI agent (played by Tom Hanks), who develops a paternal bond with the young criminal.


12. Father of the Bride (1991)


An uncommon adaptation that surpasses the timeless original. Steve Martin adeptly assumes the role of Spencer Tracy as a father caught off guard by his daughter's proposal and ensuing nuptials, which he must reluctantly finance. However, the true standout is Martin's lifelong best friend, Martin Short, as the extravagant wedding coordinator Franck Eggelhoffer, sporting one of his signature ambiguous European accents that is both irritating and inexplicably comical.


13. The Godfather (1972)


This movie can meet your inquiry for a Father's Day Gift. Although it is filled with memorable quotes and thrilling action scenes ("Leave the gun. Take the cannoli."), this classic gangster film is fundamentally about the relationship between a father and his sons. Don Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, is gravely injured, causing his three sons to spiral into fierce and vengeful competition. Out of all of them, only Michael, portrayed by Al Pacino, possesses the strength to endure. However, his chosen path in life is not what his father had envisioned for him.


14. Field of Dreams (1989)

Although we promised not to feature any 'dad movies' on this list, this sports drama with a supernatural twist perfectly fits the criteria of being a film about fathers and intended for fathers. The lead role is played by Kevin Costner, who epitomizes the ultimate dad figure. He portrays a father with unresolved paternal conflicts who is convinced by a ghost to construct a baseball field in the heart of a cornfield, which draws in all the other dads in rural Iowa. However, if you choose to watch this movie with your father, be prepared for him to suggest playing catch afterward. 


15. Bicycle Thieves (1948)


The journey of Fatherhood isn't always easy, especially when the resources to sustain your family are lacking. The zeal of a father to provide for his family should be celebrated too on Father's Day. This movie can be a good beginning because, at its core, this timeless Italian movie revolves around a father's determination to support his family. Despite being unemployed, he secures a job that necessitates a bicycle. Unfortunately, on the first day of work, his bike is stolen, triggering a series of events that follow his efforts to reclaim it, accompanied by his young son. This film garnered numerous accolades upon its release, including the Best Foreign Film Academy Award.



As the third Sunday of June approaches, it's an opportunity to show appreciation and honor the fathers and father figures in your life. While finding the perfect Father's Day gift, preparing his favorite brunch, or sharing a photo on social media with an appropriate caption are all great ways to celebrate, what he truly desires is spending time with you.


Why not plan a Father's Day movie marathon? We have curated a list of 15 exceptional films that depict the love between fathers and their children, including both father-son and father-daughter relationships. These movies are available for streaming on Amazon, Netflix, and other platforms.


So, prepare some popcorn, adjust the couch to your liking, and brace yourself for some top-notch Father's Day movie entertainment, complete with laughter and, who knows, perhaps even a few tears!