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Ariana Grande's 30th Birthday — 15 Interesting Facts About Her

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Ariana Grande selfie
Ariana Grande/Instagram |


Ariana Grande has established herself as the reigning queen of pop music. With her soulful ballads and infectious pop anthems, she has captured the hearts of countless music enthusiasts.

Despite her petite stature, standing at just 5'3" tall, Ariana possesses a captivating stage presence larger than life. While she has been in the limelight for a considerable period, true fans are privy to certain details about Ariana Grande that may have slipped under the radar.

Although she maintains an open connection with her fans through social media and occasional interviews, careful observation of these minute nuances unravels the complete picture of Ariana Grande.


Here is a compilation of some interesting facts about superstar Ariana Grande.

1. She Loves All Things Dark and Spooky

Despite her bubbly persona, Ariana Grande has always been deeply fascinated with spooky and horror-related things. Halloween is her favorite holiday, and she has been obsessed with it since childhood. She mentioned her love for horror and her family's eccentricity in interviews.

Ariana's mom used to leave animal organs floating in dishes around the house during Halloween. This unique upbringing has contributed to Ariana's lifelong passion for the macabre. These intriguing aspects of Ariana's personality and her love for Halloween and horror have shaped her career and made her birthday celebrations even more special.


2. She Hates Her First Single

Ariana Grande's career began with a passion for music and her first single, "Put Your Hearts Up," released in 2011. However, she later disowned the track, feeling it didn't align with her artistic vision.

Despite this, the song achieved success. Ariana's experience taught her the importance of authenticity. She has since evolved, establishing herself as a pop icon with a mature and genuine sound. Celebrating her birthday on June 26th, Ariana's journey exemplifies growth and artistic integrity.


3. She Is a Broadway Baby

Ariana Grande's career in entertainment began in the demanding world of Broadway. Starting at a young age, she showcased her talent in musical theater, performing in shows at the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre in Florida. At just 14 years old, Ariana made her Broadway debut in the musical "13." This production followed the story of a young boy navigating his parents' divorce while adjusting to a new school in New York City.

In the musical, Ariana portrayed the character of Charlotte, a popular cheerleader. This early experience on Broadway laid the foundation for Ariana's future success as a singer and actress. Her dedication and skill in performing arts set her apart even at a young age, propelling her toward the remarkable career she enjoys today.


4. Ariana Loves to Impersonate Other Celebrities for Fun

Ariana Grande has demonstrated her exceptional talent for impersonating popular celebrities, showcasing her skills on shows like "Saturday Night Live" and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Her memorable impersonations include Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

These performances highlight Ariana's versatility and ability to capture the essence of other artists with precision and humor. Ariana adds another dimension to her already successful career in the entertainment industry with her knack for impersonations.


5. She Co-Founded A Youth Singing Group

At the young age of ten, Ariana Grande co-founded a youth singing group called "Kids Who Care." This nonprofit international theater company, based in Fort Worth, Texas, focuses on nurturing creative and confident children through musical theatre education, performance, and dance.

Ariana's foundation reflects her dedication to supporting aspiring young entertainers and musicians. Her passion for empowering children and providing creative opportunities has been evident throughout her career. Her involvement in "Kids Who Care" is a testament to her commitment to fostering a space where young individuals can develop their talents and express themselves freely in the entertainment industry.


6. She is a Huge Animal Lover

Ariana Grande deeply loves animals, particularly dogs, and is the proud owner of seven furry companions. Her adorable dog family consists of Coco, Strauss, Toulouse, Pignoli, Cinnamon, Lafayette, and Myron. These dogs come in various sizes and breeds, each with their uniqueness.


Ariana Grande feeding pizza to a dog
Ariana Grande/Instagram


Ariana's affection for her pets is evident as she often takes them on tour and features them in her music videos. What's truly heartwarming is that all of her dogs are rescue dogs, giving them a loving home that many can only dream of. Ariana's dedication to animal welfare and commitment to providing a safe and caring environment for her furry friends showcase her compassion and kindness.


7. Her Last Name May Not Be Pronounced the Way You Might Think

In an interview with Beats One, Ariana revealed that her grandfather pronounced her last name, Grande, as " Grand-ee, " differing from the commonly known pronunciation as "Grahn-day."


8. She Was Born in Florida, She Isn't About That Beach Life

Despite being born in Boca Raton, Florida, Ariana Grande is not fond of the beach or the tropical weather of her hometown.

In an interview with Vogue, she expressed her preference for colder climates, stating that she longs for the chilly, overcast atmosphere. Ariana believes her desire for what she didn't experience growing up is a natural inclination.


9. She Is A Huge Hockey Fan

Alongside her passion for music and acting, Ariana Grande is also a devoted hockey fan, with the Florida Panthers being her favorite team. Even before rising to international stardom, she showcased her love for the sport by singing the national anthem at a game when she was just eight.

Ariana's dedication to hockey led her to attend every home game of the Florida Panthers as a child, despite occasionally getting hit by pucks. She remains an avid team supporter and tries to attend games whenever possible. In a special connection, she even performed a concert in the same arena where the Florida Panthers play their home games, highlighting her deep connection to the sport.


10. Her First Crush Was A Boy Band Member

Ariana Grande developed a childhood crush on Justin Timberlake, the frontman of the popular boy band NSYNC, during the 90s and early 2000s. As a young girl, around three or four, Ariana recalls being fascinated with Justin and wanting to marry him.

While Justin Timberlake has gone on to establish himself as a successful solo artist and actor, his role in NSYNC captured the hearts of many fans, including a young Ariana Grande. Her admiration for Justin showcases boy bands' influence and impact on the younger generation during that era.


11. She is a Disney Fanatic

Ariana Grande has a deep affection for Disney, as demonstrated by her decision to celebrate her 21st birthday at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort. Ariana had a wonderful time during her special occasion, where she indulged in a magnificent four-tier Cinderella-themed cake and got to spend quality time with the one and only Mickey Mouse.

It is clear that Ariana has a deep affection for the enchanting world of Disney and is passionate about creating unforgettable moments within it. Her birthday festivities at the Magic Kingdom serve as a testament to her strong bond with the House of Mouse and her love for Disney's enchanting and magical atmosphere.



Ariana Grande rocking a ponytail
Ariana Grande rocking a ponytail (Shutterstock)



12. Her Iconic Ponytail

Ariana Grande's iconic ponytail hairstyle is not merely a fashion choice but a way to conceal the damage caused by constant hair coloring during her time on the Nickelodeon sitcoms Victorious and Sam & Cat. To portray her character, Cat Valentine,

Ariana had to undergo frequent hair dyeing, resulting in significant damage. The ponytail became her signature look to hide the hair's condition. This revelation highlights the toll that extensive hair styling for television productions can take on an artist's hair health. It emphasizes Ariana's dedication to her roles, even if it means sacrificing the well-being of her hair.


13. Ariana is Hypoglycemic

Ariana openly discusses her health condition of being hypoglycemic, which means she experiences low blood sugar levels. This diagnosis makes her susceptible to symptoms like dizziness and shakiness. Ariana's candidness about her health issues sheds light on her willingness to share personal aspects of her life with her fans. It raises awareness about the challenges she faces due to her condition.


14. She Visits the Whitehouse Frequently

Ariana is no stranger to the nation's capital city and the Whitehouse. She has performed multiple times at the White House for notable events like the Easter Egg Roll and Women of Soul.

15. Her Parents are Her Strong Role Models

Ariana holds great admiration for her mother, Joan Grande, who serves as a CEO, and her father, Edward Butera, a successful graphic designer. She sometimes uses the hyphenated last name Grande-Butera to honor them as her role models.