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Australian Pub Owner Takes On Crocodile With Frying Pan

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By Funnyvot Auditorial - - 5 Mins Read
Warnings have been issued for visitors coming to the Northern Territory during this dry season following an outback bar owner's close brush with a crocodile that he successfully fought off using only a frying pan. The 3.5-meter crocodile is seen on film lunging towards bartender Kai Hansen at the Goat Island Lodge, which is located on the Adelaide River approximately 70 kilometers south of Darwin. [video width="1024" height="576" mp4="https://old.funnyvot.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/NOLd_CrocFrypan_2206_1000k.mp4"][/video] The crocodile, Casey, is then twice hit on the head with a frying pan by Mr. Hansen, a Territory bush figure known as "King Kai," before it escapes. The seasoned Territorian appeared unaffected despite his close encounter with death and told ABC Radio Darwin that there was no animosity between them. "Casey's cute mate, she's my favourite croc," he said. "She has a lovely smile."

Croc dangers no laughing matter

The Northern Territory, which is home to more than 100,000 wild saltwater crocodiles, faces a severe risk of an unprovoked crocodile attack, and frying pans often won't help. The Northern Territory government's Ian Hunt, a crocodile ranger, advised both residents and visitors to always keep in mind that they are in "croc territory." The most important point he wanted to get over to visitors was that crocodiles could be found in either saltwater or freshwater, in any watercourse. Small billabongs, waterholes, and streams all have the potential to harbor huge saltwater crocodiles that pose a threat to human life. [caption id="attachment_39757" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Mr Hansen with his dog Pippa in happy times.[/caption]

'You might be on the menu'

According to Mr. Hunt, saltwater crocodiles are larger and much more dangerous than freshwater crocodiles. The largest species of crocodile on the globe, saltwater crocs are also the most hostile, according to the speaker. "They hunt very huge prey, such as buffalo, pigs, horses, and undoubtedly humans as well. "You might be on the menu if you're in a location where there are saltwater crocodiles."

How to avoid a croc attack in the Northern Territory:

  • Remain out of the water at all times
  • Set up camp far away from the water's edge
  • Do not go swimming unless there are official signs confirming rangers have undertaken crocodile management
  • If you're at a waterway and there is no sign, you must assume there are crocodiles lurking
  • If you see a croc, leave the area immediately
  • Do not stop and take a selfie
  • For more information on staying alive in the waterways, visit the NT government's Be CrocWise website.

Casey the croc an example of the risks

The frying pan, according to Mr. Hansen, is a "excellent weapon," and he has previously used one to fend off Casey. He claimed that Casey attempted to attack him about 15 years ago as he was bringing food to her in a frying pan at mealtime. He claimed, "I lifted the cooking pan, the food spilled out, and I slapped it down on her nose. Given that Casey ate Mr. Hansen's dog Pippa in 2018, it is all the more amazing that he was able to forgive her nasty moods so fast. The little terrier, known as "the dumb blonde," was notorious for frightening Casey by abruptly leaping down the balcony's stairs and sprinting for the croc, aiming for her tail. Before her luck ran out, Pippa played the game for almost ten years. Regarding the incident, Mr. Hansen said, "That wasn't Casey's fault." Let's be fair: "An eight-kilogram dog shouldn't assault a 300-kilogram crocodile."