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Barbie Trend Gets Aldo and Mattel to Launch New Barbie-themed Shoes

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
A pink heeled barbie-themed shoe from alco
Pink barbie heeled shoes by Aldo (Credit: aly_sf/YouTube) |

The Aldo Barbie shoe is a limited collection that is meant to showcase Barbie’s “aesthetic with playful shoes and accessories built for real life and for grown-up joy,” according to the collection’s website.


The limited edition features baby pink heeled sandals, hot pink kitten-heel mules, fuchsia-hued Y2k-inspired shoulder bags, fascinating sneakers and rose-lense sunglasses. The most interesting part is that all the items are housed in classic Barbie packaging, which any nostalgic fan will want to have a piece.


"Ever since Barbie was launched, it has always influenced what girls wear,” CEO and co-founder of Queenly, Trisha Bantigue, said in an email to Fashion Dive.


“We see that evidence through the rapid increase in searches for hot pink dresses searches on Queenly, and several Tiktok videos are now integrating Barbiecore trends in their content. Barbie has always been a famous influence on women’s fashion however I never thought it’ll continue for years to come, especially now that it’s being adopted by Gen Z as they follow the trends more so in real-time. This latest version of Barbie fashion is quietly paving the way for more movies and shows to impact consumer behavior and the corresponding fashion trends heavily.”


The Aldo Barbie shoe containing 10 pairs of dazzling Footwear comes packaged in nostalgic Barbie packaging. With this new collection, Aldo is helping fashion shoppers become real-life Barbie girls in a Barbie world this summer. 


A shelf with the Aldo barbie-themed footwears
Barbie shelf with pink Barbie-themed shoes (Credit: Kellyinpink/YouTube)


For a  Canadian brand whose feminine designs and bright color palettes have always fit the Barbie Core aesthetic, a Barbie-inspired collection makes perfect sense for its collection. Long before Gerwig’s film was even announced in 2019, Kacey Musgraves wore Aldo’s metallic Stessy Heels alongside her very camp, an all-pink ensemble at the Met Gala, which is now cited today as one of the first Barbie-inspired looks on the red carpet.


Zendaya also wore a pale pink strapless Valentino dress at the SAG Awards earlier this year. Now, everyone finds themselves in hot pink outfits that would fit right in the Barbie Dreamhouse, including  Lizzo and Troye Sivan's outfits.


The collection was launched ahead of the Barbie movie premier, which starred Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken, in theaters this July. The Barbie franchise has even debuted a pink Barbie villa on Airbnb.


The Barbie x Aldo Collection is now available to shop online and in-store at Aldo. However, a retail partner of the footwear from the collection will be available at selected Macy’s stores nationwide on the Macy’s mobile app online.