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Be My Valentine, Will You? 8 Valentine Gift & Message Ideas You Should Try Out This Season.

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

"Love is in the air….”

It's the season of love and the perfect timing to tell someone how you feel about them. Most ladies especially like to be wooed specially and sweetly. So, if you are going to stand a chance with her, you had better up your games now! We compiled a list of 8 things you can try out.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

Valentine's Message Ideas

Before you ask her on a romantic date for Valentine, it might be helpful to confirm if she is single, doesn't hate valentine's day, or has plans with someone already. This reduces your chances of getting a " no". Once you have ticked that off, you can compose a sweet Valentine's message.

1. Say Something Funny

Saying something funny helps ease the tension with being proposed. It's a perfect idea if she likes and understands humour. You could improve your chances with her this way. When drafting a funny and romantic message, it is helpful to find out the things that tickle her ahead. This makes your message original and effortlessly fun when she reads it.

Here are funny suggestions you can try:

"I just did an X-ray, and something bizarre happened today. They found something in my heart…. It was you."

"The Police will be at your door in five seconds. I reported you for stealing my heart and taking my breath away…."

"I got you a doughnut because I "do-not" want you to say no. Please be my date."

2. Say Something Romantic

She probably would like an "aww" moment. Make sure to write something mushy that would make her blush when she reads it. It's okay to create a "lovey-dovey" moment in her head, especially if she is big on romance. But it's better to be more original and thoughtful when curating your message. It makes her feel unique to know you didn't copy and paste some love quote you found on Google. Here's an example of something romantic;

"I was wondering if you knew….that I have eyes for only you? So can I " see" you at dinner tomorrow?"

"I thought to do this the Shakespeare way but, I can't pretend that I write poems. I am just a man in love and not afraid to show it…..Be mine, please?"

3. Say Something Simple

Some ladies simply like "simple". You don't need to go overboard in trying to impress them. You only have to express yourself as simply as possible, and they are okay. Being simple is another thoughtful approach to curating a message. Make sure to try this if your dream girl appreciates simplicity.

" You are beautiful, smart, intelligent and I want you to be mine?"

"I love you,(insert name). That's all I want to say. I can prove it if you give me the chance to, go out with me please?"

4. Say Something Creative

It's also a good idea to catch her unaware of your words. Make her curious about what you hint at, only to pleasantly surprise her with a date request at the end. Crafting a creative message is thrilling and unique and increases your chances with her.

"I found this nice and gorgeous cookie jar sitting pretty on the top shelf in the shopping mall last week. You might want to try them out the next time you visit, it is just like you! Gorgeous, nice, and sweet…."

"Hey! Remember you told me you liked teddy bears? I stumbled on this really cute and cuddly big teddy while shopping and I remembered it would be a perfect cuddle bunny. But I don't think you would need one for now, let me be your big cuddle bunny."

Valentine Gift Ideas

Andres Ayrton via Pexels

A perfect valentine's message should be sent with a gift. It is thoughtful and leaves her with memories of you while you are away. If you are unsure what to gift a lady you would like to date, here are a few Valentine's gift suggestions you can adopt. You may even checkout our article on the best Valentine's day gifts you can get for yourself too!

1. A Gift Box

Curating a gift box specially for her is a great way to sweep her off her feet. It is more helpful to find out from a close friend or family some of the things she likes that you can include. But here are a few thoughtful gifts for a gift box;

-A bracelet

- Fragrances

- A movie ticket/shopping coupon

- Wine

- A romantic complementary card

- Edibles

- A fancy scarf 

2. A Painting Of Her

Gifting her an unexpected painting of her with a cute little note asking to be your date could create a special effect. It's even better if the drawing illustrates one of her rarest moments or pictures. It makes her wonder how you thought to make a painting like that and could do an excellent job of impressing her.

3. A Goody Box

Sweets, candies, cookies, Ice cream, chocolates, and everything in between! Any girl with a sweet tooth would like a carefully curated goody box of all her favorite junk treats. You should also add a funny or cheesy romantic note to it.

4. Flowers & An Mp3 Player

This is much more romantic and thoughtful. First, you would have to go the extra mile to find her favorite playlist. If it's impossible, not to worry, we've still got you! We made a list of thoughtful playlists you should compile in the Mp3 player already. Grab a bouquet of fresh and pleasant-smelling flowers, and have it delivered with the mp3 player in a way that stirs her curiosity. Don't forget to include a sweet little note also!

Here are suggestions for music playlists:

"Until I found You" by Stephen Sanchez

"Golden Hour" by JVKE

"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele.

"A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

"Valentine" by Suki Waterhouse

"All of Me" by John Legend.