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Behind the Scenes at McDonald's: An Employee's Revelations on TikTok

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By Moris - - 5 Mins Read
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A US McDonald's employee has recently stirred up a conversation with her TikTok video, shedding light on what really happens behind the counters of the iconic fast food restaurant. Her revelations might not come as a surprise to some, but they are certainly eye-opening for many.

In the video, the employee takes her followers on a tour of a McDonald's kitchen, revealing that several of the chain's beloved menu items are not made to order but are actually prepared well in advance. The TikTok user, going by the handle "Blexican", showcases various pre-made items such as scrambled eggs, pancakes, and even the ingredients for the chain's burritos. These items, she claims, are merely reheated before being served to customers.

The 16-second clip, aptly titled "Things McDonald's won't tell you," has garnered significant attention online, racking up around 250,000 views. The employee, a 20-year-old, points out pre-packaged food items like egg patties and a stack of 10 pancakes, all ready to be warmed up and served. Although these items might be less common in McDonald's locations outside the US, they are staples in American branches.

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The reaction to this revelation on social media has been mixed. While some viewers expressed shock and distaste upon learning the reality of their fast food meals, others seemed unfazed, commenting on the inherent nature of fast food being pre-prepared. One user jokingly remarked, "What, you mean Gordon Ramsay isn't back there whipping up my burrito?"

Comments ranged from humorous to critical, with one customer questioning why it still takes a while for their order to be ready if the food is just reheated. Another comment pointed out the high prices for such pre-made items, to which "Blexican" responded by highlighting the irony in customers' willingness to pay despite their complaints.

The video has sparked a larger conversation about fast food practices and customer expectations, revealing the often unseen side of quick-service restaurants. Whether this impacts the perception and popularity of McDonald's remains to be seen, but it certainly has people talking.