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5 Bizarre and Strange Facts About Bikinis

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Woman in a bikini dress
Photo | Jernej Graj/Unsplash

When it comes to clothes worn under the hot scorching sun or chill weather at the beach, no other outfit holds as much grace and elegance as the bikini.

Whether it's a two-piece, a string, or even the skirted bikini, this attire is always no match.

Bikinis have been a popular choice for swimwear for many decades. From their modest beginnings to their controversial moments, and up until this present age where more fashionable bikinis are in trend, such as those adorned with diamonds, the history of bikinis is filled with interesting and surprising facts that many people who wear this clothing may not even know about.

Let's dive into five odd and bizarre facts about bikinis that will amaze you.


Women pose wearing bikinis
Photo | Shutterstock


1. A really Weird Origin

The bikini as we know it today owes its existence to a French automobile engineer named Louis Réard.


In 1946, Réard inherited his mother's lingerie business in Paris. Inspired by women rolling up their swimsuits for better tans on the beaches of St. Tropez, Réard decided to design a two-piece swimsuit. Little did he know that this simple idea would revolutionize swimwear fashion forever.


2. Bikini: From Bomb Tests to Fashion Icon

The name "bikini" itself has an intriguing origin. Just days after the United States conducted a hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean in 1946, Louis Réard introduced his daring swimsuit design to the world.


The explosive nature of both events led Réard to name his creation after the infamous testing site, forever linking the bikini with a blast of fashion innovation.


3. The Diamond-Studded Extravaganza

While most bikinis are affordable beachwear options, a jaw-dropping exception exists: the world's most expensive bikini.

Designed by Susan Rosen for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012, this bikini is adorned with over 150 carats of flawless diamonds set in platinum.

With a price tag of $30 million, this bikini is not just a piece of clothing but a dazzling work of art fit for royalty.

4. The Reluctant Model and Nude Dancer

When Louis Réard struggled to find a model willing to showcase his daring creation, he turned to an unlikely candidate: Micheline Be rnardini, a nude dancer.

In 1946, Bernardini bravely strutted down the runway at the Piscine Molitor in Paris, clad in Réard's two-piece swimsuit. Despite initial skepticism, her confident display won over hearts and minds, cementing the bikini's status as a symbol of female empowerment.

5. From Olympic Uniforms to Controversy

In 1994, the International Volleyball Federation made headlines when it declared the bikini the official women's Olympic beach volleyball uniform.

While some hailed it as a practical choice, others criticized it as exploitative. This controversial decision sparked debates about gender equality and body image in sports.

Eventually, in 2012, the Federation bowed to pressure from conservative nations and scrapped the bikini requirement, signaling a shift towards more inclusive uniform options.

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From humble beginnings to extravagant incarnations, the bikini has remained a perennial symbol of style and controversy.

So, the next time you slip into your favorite bikini, take a moment to appreciate the fascinating journey that this iconic swimwear has embarked upon.

After all, in the fashion world, few garments can rival the allure and impact of the beloved bikini.