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Why Billie Eilish Fans Became BFFs With Fans on Instagram

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Billie Eilish rocks her signature glasses and lemon themed hairstyle
Billie Eilish | Shutterstock

Billie Eilish unexpectedly shocked her Instagram followers on April 4th by adding every one of them to her exclusive close friend's list. This surprised the whole social media community and left everyone in awe.

Every follower added to Billie Eilish's Instagram close friends list thought they had been singled out of the crowd to become the one special best friend, but the excitement was short-lived. It was soon realized that the pop star had added her entire followers to her close friend list.

Instagram's close friends list is a feature that indicates that you are more than just a follower of someone.

You will be able to view their close friends' stories each time they post. A green circle line across their story or profile picture indicates that you viewed a close friend's story.

Well, just like you, everyone has been wondering what the reason behind the Instagram close friends list saga could be.

Like, why exactly would over 114 million people be added to Billie Eilish's Instagram close friends list in a single day?

Here's the answer—Billie Eilish used the Instagram close friends list strategy as a marketing force to increase her fan base and promote her upcoming studio album release.

The Grammy-winning singer has been posting tantalizing snippets of her upcoming album on her close friend's story after adding her followers to her close friend list on Thursday, and more people have rushed to follow her since then.

The Instagram tracking company was the first to notice that more people had followed Billie Eilish's Instagram account within the space of three days.

On Thursday, 3.17 million people pressed the following icon on the 22-year-old pop star's Happier Than Ever singer page, and 3.9 million more users clicked the icon on Friday, April 5th.

The singer has also been sharing artwork and aesthetically pleasing pictures on her Instagram close friend's story, and many fans believe that these pictures are linked to Elish's next album.

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The Instagram close friends list marketing strategy has been doing great with Elish, as she has gained over 6.4 percent of new followers and fans in and across the country.

The star singer has been on a break since her last release, "Happier Than Ever," in 2021, but her comeback has undoubtedly been the most glamorous one in the history of pop star entertainment.

Billie Elish just yesterday posted excitedly about her next album set to be released on the 17th of May.

“HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” MY THIRD ALBUMMMMMMMMMMMMM COMES OUT MAY 17THHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH🥹🥹🥹 so crazy to be writing this right now i’m nervyyyyy & exciteddd 🫣 not doing singles i wanna give it to you all at once :PPP finneas and i truly could not be more proud of this album and we absolutely can’t wait for you to hear it. love you love you love you," she wrote excitedly with a couple of upside-down smiley faces.

Talking about her comeback, Elish spoke in an interview about her plans to sustain her ability. Referring to an article about releasing an unnecessary amount of Vinyl Variants and how she was misunderstood, she clarified that she wasn't referring to anyone.

She said: "These are some industry issues, so many artists release variants, and I'm also included which I stated crystal clear in the article."