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Bizzare: Moment Woman Freezes While Walking, Is this the Matrix?

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
A glitch
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A viral video has surfaced showing a woman who appeared to have frozen in time while walking in the middle of a street. The moment has been causing commotion on the internet as most people find it difficult to believe that something as bizarre as that could happen. 


Thousands of people have lost the plot, but the viral video posted by an anonymous TikTok account appears to show a woman who drastically paused mid-stride as cars passed by her in the foreground. But she continues walking after a few seconds of standing utterly motionless.


Since it was uploaded on Wednesday, the video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views. However, opinions on its level of weirdness remain split among commenters.


A matrix glitch refers to an unintentional and visually striking distortion or artifact that appears in images. However, some artists intentionally create or manipulate visual glitches to achieve a specific artistic effect.


The man who filmed the video can be heard shouting with excitement: "Why's she frozen? Bru, I'm tripping. What the f***!"


The caption over the viral video also reads: "She was like that for a minute before."


Many viewers and commenters were left completely shocked by the bizarre video. Carrie Bailey, one of the many viewers, said: "The way the wind isn’t even moving her clothes or hair but it’s all just stuck completely frozen" she commented with a startled emoji."


Another commenter added: "She just disconnected for a sec."


A third commenter also quipped: "Her wifi was bad'.


"Sometimes I think we've slipped into a different dimension," Windsor Foodie said.


But there were also several very healthy doses of skepticism in the comments as well.


A TikTok user Paraaurum also said, "I find it intriguing that there are hundreds of glitch videos online, but nobody has ever seen one in real life."

Captured moment of a woman walking on the street
Lady appears frozen while it looks like she is walking on the air

Another commentator expressed doubts saying, "It's crazy how we have everything tech-wise and everyone knows but they still chose to fall for edits." 


Lilyb4567 added: "It was a paused video of a video."


Although the video has been met with skepticism, it has still managed to rack up a whopping  468,000 likes on the social media platform and has also been shared over 8,000 times.

Watch the funny moment here

@unknown1575489 NPC caught lacking #npc#malfunction ♬ original sound - uknown

Other Fascinating Stories Of Matrix Glitch.

There are several other stories of matrix glitches online. Some sound interesting, while others are really scary 


Once, there was a strange occurrence where a teenager witnessed his dad preparing for work and putting on his tie. However, moments later, the same teenager stumbled upon his father in the kitchen making toast for breakfast. It was quite a surprising and confusing experience for the teenager.


He explained, "The door was slightly ajar and I peered in to see my dad putting his tie on and getting ready for work. When I got to the kitchen downstairs my dad was already in there making toast. I was confused. Our house was pretty small and only had one staircase so there was no way he could have got to the kitchen without me seeing him.Weird."