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Cardi B Graces Vogue Mexico in Most Elegant But Jaw-dropping Fashion

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Cardi B on Vogue Mexico magazine cover
Cardi B on Vogue Mexico | Vogue Mexico/Instagram

Popular American Rapper and model Cardi B has left the internet gushing over her new glamorous picture on the front cover of  Mexico Vogue Magazine.


The magazine posted a picture of the 30-year-old rapper on their Instagram page with her hair elegantly styled in extensive waves as she models wearing a crispy black shirt, and luxurious black pants copped with a shiny waist belt that accentuated her body curves and brought out the real queen that she is. 


The caption under the post reads, "You already know her name, but now is the time to know the real story behind the singer who is ever willing to carry on with tradition as she writes her legend."


Cardi B said in the post: "I've always thought it's harder to introduce myself in several spaces that I want to be, being a woman of color and coming from a not-so-money family or not being a napping baby."

In another cover image that was shared on Instagram, the talented rapper wore a voluminous blue and brown jacket with a well-structured and detailed extension around the back of the neck, giving the classy "woman king" vibe. The embroidering features turquoise ornaments laid with drips, topping the overall look with dangling long earrings, which were in sync with the luxurious gold cuffs.


The caption under the second post reveals Cardi B sharing how she's been judged, unlike other female artists. She said: "There are several other female rappers out there that are not as judged as I am, but I can't lose, cus I have no room for failure. 


One of the posts that got the most beautiful comments after it was shared on the magazine's Instagram page, Unveiled Cardi B in the most stunning look ever.


There were several images from the shoot, showing the superstar in a luxury red snakeskin trench coat, her skin glowing with dignity. She wore a crispy white dress and a sequined shiny skirt in another image.


The post reads, "I have been rejected in fashion several times. Some people do not want to style you or work with you but you have to prove to them that they did wrong by rejecting you."


The post got over 15 thousand likes and 160 comments. Several fans commented under the post complimenting her look.


"Wow! This current version of Cardi B is everything. Omg! She's never looked so good. Cardi B is magical. Perfecto!


Another fan commented, "This is one of the greatest stories of overcoming through resilience in the music industry."


A post shared by Cardi B (@iamcardib)

The supermodel also shared some of the pictures on her personal Instagram handle, and her followers couldn't be more excited as they generously showered nice compliments on her.


One follower commented, "This is the absolute queen energy! adding a crown emoji ."


Another fellow rapper, Ice Spice, shared a lovey eye emoji showing her support for the super rapper.



One thing we all love about Cardi B is how much she loves to push her style to the edge. This is reflected in her alluring and jaw-dropping looks whenever she gets a chance to dazzle fans with her appearance.


For many who are familiar with the in-tune style of the 'okurrr' crooner, the shots that stand elegantly on Vogue Mexico's profile while they are graceful are also rather subdued and gentle for Cardi B who is well-known for rocking bold and glamorous styles.

Lately, the rapper has faced some struggles in her career. A hating fan threw water on her during her stage performance. She's also celebrating the new track with her husband titled "Jealousy".