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Manhattan Club Chooses Weird Way to Get Rid of Customers

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
A nightclub in a well-lit street
Casa Cipriani | Cipriani/Instagram

Casa Cipriani, an exclusive private members-only club in Lower Manhattan, has recently generated buzz due to its unusual approach to managing its membership. Multiple sources have revealed that the club is actively taking steps to become even more exclusive by effectively purging certain members from its ranks.


The media has taken notice of the membership changes happening at the club. Reports indicate that Casa Cipriani has been emailing certain members, notifying them that their club membership will not be renewed for the following year. This sudden and direct approach has caught some former members off guard and let them down.


One email allegedly sent to multiple club-goers stated, "Please be advised that your club membership will not be renewed for the upcoming year."


This message further explained that the recipient's membership is no longer active as of the current month, signing off with "Warm regards" and displaying the club's logo.


It seems that Casa Cipriani is changing its membership to attract a different type of clientele and improve its image.


There have been reports that the club is looking to attract a "cooler" crowd, including people from the art world and those with higher profiles. This change is likely a response to shifting trends and preferences among private club-goers.


However, it's worth noting that when these reports initially surfaced, a representative for the club denied any plans to axe members. They emphasized the club's commitment to privacy and declined to comment on what they referred to as "false accusations."


People having fun in a night club
Night club scene | Shutterstock


Additionally, the representative highlighted the increasing interest from the art and entertainment worlds, suggesting that the club's popularity increased.


Interestingly, the representative did not address the recent alleged purge, leaving questions about the club's membership management strategy unanswered.


Despite these changes and controversies, Casa Cipriani continues to enjoy high demand and boasts a lengthy waitlist of around 4,000 individuals. The club's popularity is further underscored by the fact that it counts well-known figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and Mayor Eric Adams as regular patrons.


In a recent incident, the club took action against a few members who reportedly violated club rules by taking photographs of Taylor Swift. At the same time, she was present with her former partner, musician Matty Healy.


Casa Cipriani, the prestigious private club in Lower Manhattan, has made headlines for its unconventional approach to managing its membership. By selectively informing members that their memberships will not be renewed, the club appears to be actively purging specific individuals in pursuit of a more exclusive and high-profile clientele.


Despite controversy and mixed messaging from the club's representative, Casa Cipriani remains in high demand, with a substantial waitlist and a reputation as a haven for celebrities and influencers.