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Chris Evans Reveals How Quitting Alcohol Affected His Nose

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Chris Evans
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A popular TV show host and radio presenter have presented new advice to those who take booze with this new revelation. Obviously, as a radio presenter, Chris Evans isn't shy to talk. In his recent rounds of talks, he revealed how quitting alcohol made his nose smaller.


During his Virgin Radio show, Evans spoke on some of his ordeals since he started taking alcohol and when he stopped. According to him, he developed what is called an "alcoholic nose" immediately after he quit his alcoholic intake. Apparently, what Evans is talking about is a condition called rhinophyma. 


"My nose has got significantly smaller over the last two weeks, and I looked it up, and there's this thing called 'alcoholic nose," Chris Evans said while speaking on his alcoholic journey.


Not only did Chris Evans personalize his condition, he quickly made similar prescriptions to others.


According to the TV star, "If you stop drinking, your nose gets smaller... you can see it!" 

Chris Evans's Condition Might be Severe 

Chris Evans drinks alcohol, and it has been a long journey. Like many who drink alcohol in large numbers, Evans has made many efforts to quit alcohol. It was while putting in these efforts Evans discovered he might have developed a condition. The shrinking nose which Chris Evans claims to be developing after quitting alcohol is termed rhinophyma. 


Chris Evans poses


A website that advocates for help for different addictions spoke about rhinophyma and how it affects the victim. In Chris Evans's case, it might get very severe if he lets it go untreated.


If left untreated, the swollen appearance could worsen and become more disfigured. Eventually, it could block the airways to the nose – and if not treated, pus-filled bumps may develop," the website claimed.


But there's a conflict of interest as The British Association of Dermatologists has given their own description of what causes the condition that Chris Evans might be suffering from.


They said, "Although commonly believed to be due to alcohol, there is no link between rhinophyma and excessive drinking." 

Chris Evans Journey as a Chronic Alcohol Drinker 

Apart from Chris Evans's movies and shows, he has a reputable drinking habit. According to some of his revelations, he realized that he had been drinking alcohol for over 25 years before turning 50.


Over the years, he has made so many attempts to overcome his habit of drinking too much alcohol. Sometimes he managed not to drink for weeks, and others, he soon began drinking afterward. He once admitted to going to Alcoholics Anonymous to discuss the impact of his drinking on his overall lifestyle. 


"Do I drink too much? Do I have anything to worry about? [I discussed] all of these things that play on my mind. I have always thought about it. When I did 100 days not drinking, that was such a revelation because I didn't touch a drop. I didn't know I could do it for a day. It was so much easier than I thought and so much less revelatory. It didn't impact on my life at all, really," Chris Evans said.