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Cole Tucker Has Engaged Vennessa Hudgens With This Beautiful Expensive-Looking Ring

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read

High School Musical Alumna, Vanessa Hudgens, was proposed to by famous baseball player Cole Tucker sometime last year.

Although PEOPLE confirmed their engagement, neither of the couples has officially announced it on their social media pages except in a recent Instagram post that read, "YES. We couldn't be happier."

Alongside the caption is a picture of her showing off her hands accessorized with rings and, of course, THE RING.

Credit: TheImageDirect.com

The 34-year-old Hudgens had reportedly started dating Cole Tucker in November 2020. Hudgens later confirmed this on the Barrymore Show in 2021, revealing how they had met on a Zoom mediation call and decided to make the first move on Tucker.

"If I want something or someone, I'm going after them. I fully slid into his DMs and was like, 'Hey, it was nice to meet you.' So I think there is no shame in making the first move," she said. 

Ever since the two lovebirds started dating, they have kept fans entertained with posts of their couple's time together, from vacations to celebrations, sharing pictures on Instagram. The duo looks happier together and so in love. After Vanessa's breakup with singer and ex of 8 years, Austin Butler, it's good to see that she's moving on again with Tucker after a decade-long relationship. Fans were worried when the once inseparable duo had to break up due to strains in communication and busy career demands. 

Now that she is with Cole Tucker, things seem to look good again. Although Hudgens is yet to reveal pictures of her engagement ring, there are speculations online that the new bling on her left hand when she went out with her family last year could be the one. Hudgens also made a lovey-dovey post on Instagram last month, which Tucker commented on ("Always babe"...).

Credit: TheImageDirect.com

"I'll stop the world and melt with you," she wrote.

Pictures of the engagement ring are yet to be made public, but many believe the rectangular-shaped stone spotted on her ring finger is suspected to be a diamond and very expensive. It's hard to say if Vanessa Hudger will ever make the big reveal, but fans are happy for the duo and look forward to wedding announcements.