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Couple Makes Creepy Discovery While Renovating Their Garden

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
A smiling couple take a selfie while at a sports event
Rebecca Lynne and her husband | rebeccalynneechols/Tiktok

A couple who recently purchased a new house to renovate was left terrified after discovering disturbing images buried in the garden. The shocking discovery sent chills down their spines.


The Wife, Rebecca Lynne, was the first person to share the discovery with the public, as she was visibly terrified. She placed an emergency call to the police to let them know about the discovery in her backyard. The police got to the venue and carried out a proper investigation. 


According to Rebecca Lynne, her husband Lynne Chols was in the back garden to do some cleaning when he found an object that looked like a root stem, but upon digging it out, he discovered that it was dry bones that was hidden in a briefcase and buried under the ground. 


Rebecca shared a video of how the bones were discovered and the police carrying out investigations in their home. According to her, she believes that the bones are that of a human being, but the police are investigating to confirm if the bones are truly that of a human being or an animal.


Rebecca said, "It's not like they found any archaeology items or the remains of an old pet that might be in the backyard. But we would have to be patient as the police carry out their investigation and it looks fishy that something really strange is happening."


She also shared a post concerning the discovery in her TikTok account with a really chilling caption: "POV: Your husband dug up a briefcase full of bones at the back of your house and now,  there is an enormous investigation going on.


Police men digging up a garden
Rebecca made a video of the policemen digging up the garden | rebeccalynneechols/Tiktok


She was seen restlessly walking around in the video, revealing that she is visibly shaken at the discovery. She disclosed that they bought the house not long ago, and they haven't stayed in there for too long, she also said she discovered that people living there a while ago were hoarders.


Rebecca also talked about the possibility of a serial killer being on the loose around the vicinity sometime ago and the police trying to rule out the possibility. She also shared a picture of the bones in the suitcase. A DNA test is being conducted on the bone to check if it belongs to animals or human beings. The police will be back for further investigation after the test.


She promised to be back with further information after the test has been carried out, but we are yet to receive any feedback as the post got up to seven hundred thousand likes. It seems the DNA test was taking longer than expected, but any useful information would be updated as soon as the results are out.