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Do You See It? Logan Paul Vaguely Looks Like Princess Diana

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Logan Paul, Princess Diana photo mix
Logan Paul, Princess Diana |

We probably may have had too much to drink, but in such a crazy world, we don't count anything off.


In this case, we have uncovered some uncanny similarities between the celebrity fighter and YouTuber Logan Paul and the beloved Princess Diana. We're not crazy. Folks on Reddit think so too!


It's unclear why Logan started styling his hair in a mullet fashion with feathering. However, it's evident that Logan wasn't born with this hairdo. By examining an old picture from his early days, where his hair appeared flat, shiny, and bowl-shaped, it's evident that his mother and God intended his hair to be that way originally. 


Logan Paul
What's up with Logan's hair? See it? (Shutterstock)


However, the picture also reveals more insight into the curious investigation, as the hairstyle looks very similar to how Mother Paul styled her hair in 1997 Princess Diana hair circa. The only difference is that Mother Paul's cut is longer. So it might be correct to say that Logan's hair might be more of an homage to his mother than royalty's.


Several pictures of Logan's earlier days, especially the ones from 2015, made it obvious that Logan has not always been a fan of such flamboyant hairstyles as feathering. Maybe the true justification for this history lies in a glaring angle, too glaring that it looks too neutral to be suspicious. 


Logan used to be a content creator on YouTube before aspiring to become a boxer. He created various types of content in order to gain clicks and revenue. However, in a world where many Caucasian men looked the same and made repetitive, silly comedy content, Logan needed something to make him stand out. Despite having a short, Justin Bieber-esque haircut similar to that of 2014, it wasn't giving off the desired vibe. 


Princess Diana portrait image
I mean, can't we all see it? (Shutterstock)


Logan seems to have adopted the trendy mullet hairstyle, perhaps to stand out among the sea of YouTube content creators. However, his new look has generated mixed reactions online. Many are questioning why Logan's hair bears a striking resemblance to Princess Diana, leading to rumors that she may be his birth mother


The 28-year-old American YouTuber, who has over 4 million subscribers, is currently on a part-time contract with WWE, where he works part-time. He even co-owns a new drink company with another YouTuber.


However, suppose you are curious about what kind of person Logan is outside of YouTube. In that case, he will be wrestling against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the 20th of February, together with his new hairstyle.