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Doctors Reacts to Viral Trend of Parents Smashing Eggs on Kid

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Screenshots from Tiktoks of adults cracking eggs on the foreheads of kids
Screengrabs of the viral egg-crack trend on kids | Tiktok

There's a new challenge trending on TikTok that has sent the internet into a flame with viral outrageous videos of parents smashing eggs on their kids' heads. This joins the list of awkward Tiktok challenges that have just gone viral as critics react.

In the viral challenge on TikTok, parents are shown cooking together with their kids in the kitchen and then suddenly taking out a raw egg and smashing it on their kids without prior warning instead of cracking the egg on a bowl or a pan.


A number of the kids were seen with a confused reaction while some were laughing at the sudden action, and others burst into tears out of pain.


A mom TikTok influencer known as Sarah shares her reasons for not agreeing or participating in the viral challenge. She claimed to have been tagged on several of the videos, and she intentionally ignored them and refused to join in.


She said, "I have been tagged in several videos of these trending challenges, but I’ve weighed the action and seen two points of view.  The first one is this: the kid gets confused and thrown off balance as the egg is being smashed on their heads. They might think it’s kind of funny, and they move on. Secondly, some get upset about the action and freak out or burst into tears when the egg cracks on their heads. She explained in her video."


A kid holds her head after an egg was cracked on her forehead
A stunned kid reacts after an egg was smashed on her forehead | Tiktok


Sarah, who likes to explore generations and fight against child exploitation on her social media page, said that she thinks the parents of this generation are negatively addicted to social media challenges and too desperate for content.

What Do The Doctors Say?

A child trauma psychotherapist and content writer, Cath Knibbs, who writes about the influence of technology on human behavior voiced out how she finds the videos very unnecessary and disturbing to watch.


According to Cath, "This is child abuse in disguise in fun and laughter. The most important relationship for every child is the one with their caregiver, which requires honesty and trust. The child believes that the person will take care of him/her."


She explained in the telephone interview, "It's not only about cracking the eggs, it's the parents' laughing response that gives the humiliation experience to the children. It depicts a lack of trust and why most children are seen confused."


The U.S. Health Centers for Disease Prevention and Control warns parents that careless handling of raw eggs can put people at risk of a disease called salmonella –  A bacterial disease that affects the intestine, and children who are under the age of 5 years are more at risk of falling critically ill if they are infected. 


Child development practitioners also warned about the high risk of emotional damage to the children who are featured in countless videos.