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Dog Lovers Are Furious After This Little Pup Was Seen Dragged By a Scooter

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
A person on a mobility scooter dragging a puppy on a leash tied to the bike
nangryan-adventure/Instagram |

Police Trace Woman Who Dragged Dog On A Mobile Scooter To Serve As Example To Other Animal Abusers

A sickening footage of a little pet dog being dragged behind a scooter in Bali was filmed and shared to Instagram by a Denpasar local, Nang Bryan, who drove behind the woman earlier this month while on his way to pick up his kids from school. 


The distressing video sparked uproar among social media users, Dog lovers, and animal rights activists. The footage showed the woman dragging her dog as she rode her motorbike in the street of Denpasar.


The dog's lead was shown to be attached to the woman's bag that was wrapped across her body. The dog could barely keep up with her as it was seen scraping its legs on the street while struggling to match up with the bike's speed as the woman rode.


42-year-old Mr. Bryan, who recorded and shared the video, explained in the caption on the post that the dog's leash was tied to the bike's handle and that the woman only stopped when he challenged her. 


When it happened, I took my phone to record, but I did not dare to continue. I stopped recording," he told Indonesian Publications.


The woman claimed the dog was too small to hop onto the scooter, but when Mr. Bryan got 'angry,' she picked the animal up and placed her on the bike.


Mr. Bryan did not report it to the police because he was rushing to collect his kids, so he did not report the woman to authorities. However, after the clip went viral, an animal welfare group contacted him, while another group, Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia, said it had forwarded the woman's number plate to the police.


Mr. Christian Joshua Pale, the founder and leader of Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia told the media they traced the woman through the bike's number plate and reported it to the police. He said the incident would be an example to other Indonesians about the country's law against animal abuse.


The police are investigating the case, as confirmed by the local news outlet Coconuts Bali. In Indonesia, animal abuse can carry a nine-month jail term. 




Commenters on the video were furious.


One user commented: Who would do something like that?' 

"I hope the dog is okay and can be rescued soon,' another person said.


Some viewers even scolded Mr. Bryan, saying he should have done more to help than recording the dog.


One person said: "Leave your phone in your pocket and save the innocent animal,


Animals should also be treated with respect.