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Doja Cat's Album Cover Got Leaked Causing Her to Change it

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Doja Cat (left) and two spider-themed album covers
Doja Cat (left) and the album covers | Instagram

When Doja Cat announced the release of her new song Scarlet by posting its album cover on Instagram, many people were surprised by the cover album's striking resemblance with that of another upcoming release of a German band called Chaver, who were also planning to release a new song titled Of Gloom.


In 1996, the same peculiar scenario occurred when two different singers released albums that used the same artwork on their covers, despite their songs being released a few weeks apart. The Flamingoes named their album "Plastic Jewels," while the Fountain of Wayne released a self-titled album. However, the cover of both albums featured the same artwork of a child posing as Superman. It was later discovered that the cover was designed by a photographer named Nick Waplington, who used the same artwork for both albums without informing either band.


This time around, Doja Cat and Chavers will be releasing their songs on the same day with the same cover art except for some slight differences, which are not easily noticeable except by deep screening. Although Doja Cats' songs are not the same as those of Chavers's album, the cover art might be. Both covers have a red like a colored spider on a white background, but the spider on Chavers' cover looks smaller and has a deeper shade of color with a round shape drop on the upper part with the word Chavers stylishly designed on it.


Doja Cat's new album cover also has the same spider on a white background, although hers looks bigger than that of the Chavers and has brighter color, although a teardrop-like on the upper part, unlike the round drop sign on the Chavers. It was revealed that both cover art was also designed by the same designer, an artist from Portland called Dusty Ray.


The Chavers shared that the artist, Dusty Ray, has been with them ever since the release of their very first album when they posted the cover art on their Instagram page, and the same might also be the story of Doja.


Instagram screenshot of an album cover posted by the Chavers
Instagram post to the album cover by the Chavers | chaver_cvit/Instagram


The Updated Cover Art 

Two days after the saga about the cover art, Doja Cat posted a new work of art for her cover and added the caption: UPDATE. The new cover photo is still a picture of a spider. However, it looks more pretty than the former. 


A post shared by Doja Cat (@dojacat)

Fans of Doja cannot wait for the official release of the new song by the 22nd of this month (September) as it promises to be awesome. Just like the release of Attention earlier in June ranked No. 30 on the Hot 100 Billboard list and Paint The Town Red which also ranked top 5 on the chart of R&B HipHop song earlier this week. 


Doja Cat has been in the spotlight since after announcing her retirement from pop music. The star who has been honing her rap skills recently released another song titled Demons on Friday, September 1.