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Embarrassing: Watch Moment Robber Got Ignored Trying to Rob Salon

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Atlanta salon robbery goes wrong as customers refuse to comply with robber
Customers refuse to comply with robber (YouTube) |

A funny video of a wanna-be robber who failed while trying to rob a nail salon in Atlanta has been making waves online


The unidentified robber went into the  Atlanta nail saloon to scare people and rob them of their valuables, but it didn’t go as planned as the people basically ignored him and were surprisingly bothered at his presence.


The CCTV footage, shared online, shows the man entering the Nail salon with his hand pointed in a bag pretending as if he was concealing a gun. He began shouting at customers to get down and empty their pockets, but the people stared at him blankly and do not comply.


As seen in the video footage, he yells at a customer, "Give me your money! Where's the money?"


The customer replied, "I don't have any," as she casually exited the store.


An employee was seen confidently sitting behind his desk and talking calmly on the phone, totally ignoring the robber's demands. 


After several more attempts at demanding people hand over their money, the wanna-be robber was forced to abort his operation, looking around in resignation and hurriedly leaving the salon. 


Atlanta authorities said, "The suspect  fled the location in a silver in color sedan.”


Dumbest Robbery Scene Ever!

"This is what happens when you flunk out of armed robbery school.” One Twitter user commented after seeing the video.


“Passing armed robbery school with flying colors would be a weird flex, but still quite a burn."

Another user said, “Bro’s robbery looks like a bad TikTok skit. Is this the real life? Or is it just fantasy?"


Others laughed at how the robber “failed woefully” at his job.

Watch the funny moment here 


Although the situation might have been scary for the salon’s patrons, even though it didn’t appear like it, people still can’t stop making fun of the situation. 


The Salon Owner Is So Thoughtful

A regular customer at the salon Lesa Barrow who happened to be in the salon at the time of the attempted robbery told said that the owner was indeed scared of the wanna-be robber. But he also mentioned the owner didn’t react to the incident because he didn’t want his customers to worry.


“The customers come first, so his reaction was able to calm everybody down and keep everybody relaxed."


The Robbery Unit Investigators with the Atlanta Police Department are asking for assistance from the public in the ongoing investigation.


"Witnesses at the scene indicated the suspect entered the location wearing a blue hat, sunglasses, and blue jeans," a police spokesperson commented.