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Extreme Vegan Influencer Who Only Ate Raw Veggies Starves to Death

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Zhanna Samsonova Instagram selfie holding a glass of vegan juice
Zhanna Samsonova holding a glass of juice (rawveganfoodchef/Instagram) |

A vegan raw food influencer who goes by the name Zhanna Samsonova had just died of starvation and exhaustion after living on an extreme diet of exotic fruit for ten years. According to acquaintances, she survived solely on the raw plant diet, which consisted of fruits, seed sprouts from sunflowers, fruit smoothies, and juices.

The Russian influencer, popularly known as Zhanna D'Art on social media, has over 10,000 followers on Instagram and has been going on vacations across Asia for the past 17 years. It was also revealed that there were periods when the vegan influencer would go on dry fasting for several days and would refuse to eat or drink anything.


Ms. Zhanna shared a video on her Instagram handle where she told her followers how she was having avocados, cherry tomatoes, and avocado juice for lunch. She wrote: 'Even though I cook fancy raw dishes, I'm a very simple eater myself. My food choice is very simple, no dehydrated food, no salt, no oil, and no protein, and I have delicious avocado kefir, ripe avocado, and sweet cherry tomatoes for lunch today. Bon appetit. She wrote in French.


Ms. Zhanna has been on the vegan diet journey for over 15 years. She started by allowing herself to eat fish and dairy on a few occasions. But her restrictive eating became more and more extreme over the years, and she ended up eating only raw fruit, vegetables, and juice.


It was said that her friends and relatives had cautioned her against the extreme diet, but she refused to listen to them, and it came out disastrous after she reportedly died of an infection and exhaustion, which was worsened by her raw food diet.


Although investigations revealed that Ms. Zhanna died from an infection similar to a cholera infection but was deepened by her extremely restrictive eating habit and absence of essential nutrients and a balanced diet which has weakened her immune response to fight infections.



Fans were worried about Zhanna Samsonova's physical appearance on Instagram


A friend of Ms. Zhanna, who she met in Thailand, told the Russian news that "It was very scary to look at her, and her hands were like those of a 12-year-old. She looked extremely thin."


Another friend also disclosed they saw Ms. Zhanna was on vacation in Sri Lanka a few months ago, and she was looking exhausted. They had sent her home to get treatment, but she ran away.


She said, "I was horrified When I saw her in Phuket."


The tragic story of  39-year-old Zhanna D’Art has sparked a lot of opinions about the importance of a balanced diet on social media. Her story serves as a reminder that an in-depth dietary journey requires proper professional guidance and careful consideration.


One of Ms. Zhanna'as followers commented on a recent post and wrote, "This is nothing but pure starvation. This is not a healthy raw vegan diet. I wish I had done something to help you out of your eating disorder."