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Google Maps Misleads Tourist Group, Now They Can't Find Their Way

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Google Maps logo displayed on a smartphone screen
Google Maps | Shutterstock

In a tale that blends technology with adventure, a group of thrill-seekers found themselves in the heart of the Nevada desert after Google Maps decided to lead them on an unexpected shortcut.


The unfolding drama began when a party of Los Angeles natives, still buzzing from the Las Vegas Grand Prix, embarked on a journey home that would soon become an unplanned odyssey.


TikTok sensation Shelby Easler, a member of the ill-fated group, chronicled the entire misadventure in a series of videos that captivated the online world.


According to Easler, the decision to consult Google Maps seemed logical – a shortcut to bypass the notorious dust storm delays on Interstate 15. Little did they know that what started as a seemingly savvy shortcut would transform into a full-blown desert expedition.


As the party ventured into the unknown guided by the digital oracle of Google Maps, they soon found themselves off the conventional road and onto an off-road trail, accompanied by another unsuspecting vehicle in tow. The unfolding drama was reminiscent of a Hollywood road trip movie, but this was no scripted adventure; it was a digital detour gone awry.


Amid the unfolding chaos, the group, feeling like modern-day pioneers in uncharted territory, made an urgent call to emergency services. However, their plea for assistance fell on deaf ears, as personnel were already stretched thin dealing with the aftermath of the dust storm.


A subsequent TikTok update added layers to the story, revealing that the alternate route suggested by Google Maps was nearly 'two hours out of the way.'


The group navigated a challenging gravel road surrounded by an unforgiving desert landscape. The promise of a shortcut had given way to the reality of a less traveled road, which seemed more like an off-road mirage.


Several cars off road in a rocky terrain
The travelers got stuck on a rocky terrain | @justdoingshelbythings/Tiktok


Easler vividly described the unfolding ordeal – a narrow, dug-in trail that pained the group between the rocky terrain.


Now navigating the off-road route sideways, the vehicle forced its way through bushes and rocks before succumbing to a breakdown. The once pristine car now bore the scars of the desert, scratched and battered, becoming a silent witness to the unexpected twists of their journey.


In a surprising turn of events, the group made a decision that echoed the resilience of explorers from eras past – they abandoned their beleaguered vehicle, opting for an aerial escape back to Los Angeles.


As the escapade gained traction, Google responded to the allegations, stating, "During unpredictable conditions, we work as quickly as possible to update routing based on information from local authorities and sudden changes to driving patterns.


We're investigating the issue that happened over the weekend and can confirm that we're routing drivers through Interstate 15 since it's been reopened."


Watch the Tiktok video here...

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