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Harrowing Experience: Australian Couple On Vacation Gets Attacked by Bats

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
A bat hanging on a tree branch
Photo | Rigel/Unsplash

An Australian vacation took a terrifying turn for Sandi Galloway and her husband, Gordon, when a seemingly ordinary evening stroll ended in a chilling encounter with bats in Cairns, Queensland.


This unsuspecting couple's story serves as a cautionary tale of the unexpected dangers that nature can present, even in popular tourist destinations.


Sandi Galloway and her husband Gordon were enjoying a leisurely vacation in Cairns, Queensland, when their peaceful evening took an alarming twist.


As they strolled back to their hotel after a pleasant coffee outing with friends, a routine walk turned into a surreal experience.


The Attack

Amid their walk, Sandi Galloway suddenly felt something flapping near her. Startled, she instinctively tried to shield herself, and that's when the unthinkable happened.


Sandi Galloway and Gordon
Sandi Galloway and Gordon | Facebook


She felt a sharp sting on her forehead akin to two pinpricks. Her husband Gordon identified the assailant as a flying fox, the largest species of bats, with an impressive wingspan of up to 5 feet.


Denial and Realization

Despite her husband's insistence that a bat had bitten her, Sandi initially refused to accept this unnerving reality. She even convinced herself that it might have been a spider bite.


However, as time passed, she began to experience symptoms, including fatigue and a loss of appetite, leading her to take the incident more seriously.


Seeking Medical Attention

Alarmed by her symptoms, Sandi Galloway consulted her physician, who, in turn, referred her to an infectious disease expert.


A woman bite by a bat
Galloway was bitten by bats in the forehead | Facebook


The severity of her situation required vaccines to be flown in from Canberra. She underwent a series of five injections, with three more scheduled over the coming weeks.


The incident not only disrupted Sandi's vacation plans but also forced her to postpone a crucial cancer scan.


Her yearly checkups to monitor a brain tumor had to be delayed due to the ongoing treatment. Missing an injection would mean starting the entire vaccination process over again, adding to her distress.


Advocating for Change

In light of her harrowing ordeal, Sandi Galloway has taken a stand. She calls on the local Cairns government to relocate the flying foxes to less populated areas, emphasizing the importance of public safety.


The Cairns Regional Council, already dealing with the challenges posed by these bats, is now considering the appropriate course of action.


Wider Implications

This incident highlights the potential dangers posed by flying foxes and bats. While not joint, such encounters can lead to serious health consequences.


Additionally, it sheds light on the broader issue of wildlife and zoonotic diseases. Bats, including flying foxes, have been associated with conditions such as rabies and have even been subject to speculation regarding their role in the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In conclusion, Galloway's nightmarish encounter with bats on their Australian vacation serves as a reminder that nature can sometimes hold unexpected threats. Sandi Galloway's determination to ensure public safety underscores the importance of addressing such issues promptly and responsibly. This story also underscores the broader need for vigilance when it comes to wildlife encounters and their potential health implications.