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Just Like You, This Vampire Works a 9 to 5 Job

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Hellen Schweizer
Hellen Schweizer | Vampire Hellie/Youtube

For many, Halloween is a holiday filled with the thrill of dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating.


But for Hellen Schweizer, Halloween holds a deeper significance. It marks the anniversary of an epiphany that led her to embrace an unconventional lifestyle as a modern-day vampire.


At the age of 28, Hellen Schweizer identifies as a vampire, embracing her unique identity with fangs, elaborate makeup, and a distinctive fashion sense.

Passion for Vampires

From her earliest days, Hellen Schweizer has been enthralled by the realm of vampires. Her unwavering enthusiasm can be linked back to her initial encounter with Anne Rice's vampire novels and the timeless narrative of Dracula.


To Schweizer, vampires embody a heterogeneous community encompassing individuals from various backgrounds, ranging from lawyers and janitors to psychics and witches. She elaborates that this community shares mutual interests and frequently challenges stereotypes by adhering to a path guided by higher principles.

The Existence of a Vampire Community

Surprisingly, Hellen Schweizer is not alone in her identification as a vampire. According to a survey which was conducted by the Atlanta Vampire Alliance in 2015, an estimated 5,000 individuals in the United States identify as real vampires.


These individuals may possess unique beliefs and practices, such as consuming blood from willing donors or considering themselves psychic or energy vampires. It is important to note that Schweizer does not have any desire to partake in blood consumption.


"I'm not interested in sucking anyone's blood," Hellen told the Daily Record.

The Vampire Lifestyle

Schweizer's identity as a vampire does not align with the typical expectations associated with immortal beings. She does not claim to have eternal life, as many vampire legends suggest.


Hellen Schweizer
Hellen Schweizer posts chilly vampire videos on YouTube | YouTube


Instead, she describes her ability to absorb energy from her surroundings, which enhances her connection to the world around her. This newfound connection led her to wholeheartedly embrace the vampire lifestyle, which she believes is the right path for her.

Hellen Schweizer, in a YouTube video, elaborated on what a vampire is. "A real vampire is someone who is void of energy and needs to get it through other means," she said.

Despite residing in Wooster, Ohio, a primarily Christian small town, Schweizer has experienced an unexpected level of acceptance from her community. She had anticipated facing criticism, but, in reality, people in her town are more intrigued than frightened by her appearance, contrary to her initial concerns.

Growing up, she was subjected to bullying before embracing her identity as a vampire, yet now she feels welcomed and supported by her community.

Hellen Schweizer leads a unique lifestyle as a modern vampire, which is bolstered by the support of her loved ones. She skillfully manages her role as a social media manager while maintaining a careful balance in professional settings, avoiding her vampire attire.

Her TikTok presence has garnered a substantial following fueled by her dedicated fans. Looking ahead, Schweizer acknowledges that her representation as a vampire on TikTok may change as she ages.

However, her commitment to her vampire identity remains steadfast, emphasizing its alignment with her soul and adherence to higher principles. Her friends and family, including her husband, provide unwavering support, and she embraces the contentment that her distinctive and fulfilling lifestyle brings.

In Conclusion,

Hellen Schweizer's story is a challenge to societal norms and expectations. Her journey as a modern vampire exemplifies the variety of human comprehension and the significance of embracing and celebrating one's true self. Through her unapologetic acceptance of her identity, Schweizer highlights that there is no universal definition of normalcy and that happiness can be found by following one's authentic path, regardless of how unconventional it may seem.